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Saturday, December 10th, 2016
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2010 Minnesota ag statistics

Fri, Nov 12th, 2010
Posted in Agriculture

The 2010 Minnesota Ag Statistics is out much earlier this year with the 2009 numbers. Many times in the past, it is the following spring before the information is compiled and published.

In addition to the traditional rankings of Minnesota in many commodity categories compared to other states, Minnesota Ag Statistics has rankings of the 87 counties in crop and livestock production. There is also a large amount of other useful and interesting information available. A couple of items I have not seen in the past include statewide data on organic operations and land rents by county.

Based on 2008 numbers, there are 543 certified organic operations in Minnesota out of the 14,307 nationwide or 4%. On an acre basis there are 122,428 acres out of the 4,077,337 nationwide or 3%. Minnesota ranked fifth in organic acres harvested with California, Wisconsin, Idaho, and New York ahead of Minnesota.

The average price of farmland was up 2.4% for Minnesota, with land in the Southeast District valued at $4,551. The 2009 reported land rent in Houston County was $126 per acre and Fillmore County $149 per acre.

The one item that struck me as a little strange was pasture rent. Fillmore County per acre pasture rent increased from $38.50 per are in 2008 to $50.50 per acre in 2009. At the same time Houston County per acre pasture rent fell from $31.00 in 2008 to $19.50 in 2009. I generally think pricing pasture on a grazing cow/calf pair basis as a more equitable system then the per acre basis.

I also looked back ten years at the 2000 Minnesota Ag Statistics and confirmed some things we knew or suspected. Comparing 1999 numbers to 2009 numbers, Houston County dropped from 155 dairy herds to 100 herds. The mix was 121 Grade A and 34 Grade B dairies; and now Houston County has 88 grade A and 12 grade B dairies. In the same time frame, Fillmore County declined from 250 dairies to 103 dairies; with 159 Grade A dairies and 91 Grade B dairies in 1999 to 78 Grade A dairies and 25 Grade B dairies in 2009.

While the number of dairies and number of cows was declining by 1,000 head, Houston County actually increased milk production from 186,500,000 pounds of milk in 1999 to 194,000,000 pounds milk in 2009. Fillmore County dropped 4,700 cows and had a drop from 272,000,000 pounds milk in 1999 to 219,000,000 pounds milk in 2009.

If you would like to see more on Minnesota Ag Statistics the website is:

If you want to look at the 2007 Federal Ag Census the direct URL is:

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