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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
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Fri, Jan 14th, 2011
Posted in Sports

As the NFL winds down, and the NBA and NCAA Basketball hit the middle of their season, I am going to be changing the pace of my articles. I'll be honest I don't follow the NBA at all. Sure I know who the stars of the game are and which teams are contenders and which aren't (T-Wolves I'm looking at you). So for those fans of the NBA, I'll tell you there will be little content on the subject. Since I am on the subject of major sports I don't follow, I might as well cover them all:

Soccer, aside from Jason and a few of his friends I doubt there is much following in the local area of soccer. I will tell you I played soccer much of my childhood, and I still don't understand the rules. We ran awhile, and then kicked the ball back and forth for most of the game. Soccer fans can be the craziest people in the world. Some people say religion is the cause of all wars, I think if religion didn't do it soccer hooligans would. I do have tons of respect for soccer players; they are some of the most athletic men and women in the world.

NASCAR, really why is it considered a sport? I know there is a huge following, and I am well aware that a lot of people around here love it. But what is so sporting about it? I drive everyday and I would hardly call it athletic. I am literally sitting in a room right now (muffler shop in Rochester) with a framed picture of a man who was named "Athlete of the Week". I found it surprising that a race car driver would be called an athlete, much less "Athlete of the Week". Calling a driver an athlete is the same as playing Texas Hold'em and calling it "exercise". With that said, I have to say what Jimmy Johnson has done in the last five years has been one of the greatest accomplishments in history. NASCAR rules make each car equal to make the racing more competitive, clearly Johnson is the best of the bunch.

Hockey, being a Florida boy, you could say Hockey was not at the fore-front of the sports industry down there. I can't skate, I don't know the rules, I like the fighting, but I have trouble sitting down and watching a whole match. I do plan on running up to see a few Minnesota Wild games this season to expand my horizons, and perhaps, learn a few things about a, locally, popular sport.

Until baseball season comes around I'll have a nice mix between serious and sarcasm laced columns. Until then, these are the important dates of this New Year for major sporting events. The NHL all-star game will be played January 30th in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Super Bowl will be played February 6th in Dallas, Texas. NASCAR starts February 12th, with the first official race starting February 20 in Daytona, Florida. The NBA all-star game is February 20th in Los Angeles, California. Major League Baseball's spring training begins February 25th in Scottsdale, Arizona. The NFL's current CBA ends on March 4, which is usually the start of free agency, but this year that will likely start much later. Major League Baseball's opening day is April 1st, or maybe March 25th or 26th if the players and MLB agree to a two game series between Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants in Taiwan. And, finally, the NFL's player draft runs April 28th through April 30th.

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