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Continued success in Lanesboro

Thu, Jan 26th, 2012
Posted in All Progress Edition

Biking on the Root River State Bike Trail in Lanesboro. Photo by Marv Eggert

Lanesboro, a small community centered neatly between the bluffs of Fillmore County, has had a great year throughout 2010 with immeasurable progress for the town in several different areas. Despite the continuing economic recession, Lanesboro still did well in its 2010 tourism season during the summer months. Such a prosperous time for such a small community can be credited to the teamwork of local businesses, volunteers, and strong leadership.

One of the major developments that took place in the past year was the progression of Lanesboro Local Marketplace. Anything that Lanesboro may be missing, the people definitely make up for it. With no grocery store available in Lanesboro, Lanesboro Local Marketplace is a helpful substitute for a grocery store. A big step for the local marketplace was the change in location. Moving from the previous location of the old gas station, it is now placed across from the Commonweal Theatre next to the Cottage House. Lanesboro Local Marketplace is proud to announce that within the last year they've achieved the ability to supply food all year round. Their wide variety of food includes fresh produce, meats such as chicken, beef, pork, and lamb, eggs, cheeses, yogurt, and bread. The food portion has been very successful for several reasons. First, the local farms have been more than willing to participate as suppliers and Lanesboro Local is happy to work with local farmers. Second, the community members are searching more and more for good quality local foods, especially with the growing number of food scares that stem from contamination. Not only does the market have food items, but it also supplies many authentic artisan items that are unique to Lanesboro alone. Tourists have a growing trend of wanting more local items. Finally, Lanesboro Local Marketplace worked together in cooperation with Spring Grove Soda Company to formulate Lanesboro's Rhuberry Soda which is a mixture of rhubarb and strawberry flavors.

Another large step for Lanesboro was the town's leadership role in the bike trail repaving project. Lanesboro leads a cooperative by the name of Trail Towns that includes neighboring towns to improve the bike trails within southeastern Minnesota. The towns that Lanesboro works with are Houston, Fountain, Preston, Peterson, Rushford, Harmony, and Whalan. Over the summer of 2010 the trail between Fountain and Lanesboro was repaved and the width of the trail was expanded. This project will go even further as Lanesboro to Whalan and possibly even further will be repaved this coming year. It is also the trail's 25th year anniversary. A celebration is being planned to commemorate the date that could include entertainment along the trail. Also the trail will be having new signs placed alongside it.

The bed and breakfast capital also reported a good year in the capacity of lodging. The total figure on lodging tax amounts was up despite the recession. This statistic shows that since tax revenue was up in lodging, the amount of people who booked rooms was up. The overall attitude of restaurant establishments also was reflected positively. Interest in Lanesboro through the World Wide Web doesn't seem to be diminishing any time soon either. Web hits on Lanesboro surged upward by around three million hits from 11,788,783 in 2009 to a record 14,017,852 hits in 2010 alone.

But what contributes to making small communities so prosperous? Town celebrations are a major contribution. Lanesboro's Buffalo Bill Days, the Lanesboro Christmas Inn Tour, and the newly innovated Winter Escapades all make Lanesboro a successful community. The businesses within the area all work together to make these events flourish. Most businesses contribute some type of advertisement, promotion, or donation to aid the plans for town events.

As Lanesboro continues to strive to make the small town utopia even better, the townspeople, business owners, local government officials, volunteers and anyone else affiliated with this small town can be proud of the contributions they have made within this past year to make such a thriving place to live in and to visit.

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