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How often do I really need to have my wheels aligned?

Fri, Feb 4th, 2011
Posted in Ask the Expert

Tony Russel

Once, if the wheels on your vehicle are correctly aligned when the vehicle is manufactured at the factory. They should not change alignment until something in the suspension wears out or is damaged. Alignment doesn't change. The only thing that changes is the wear or damage. Hitting a pot hole or a thousand pot holes won't knock your suspension out of alignment unless you hit something hard enough to actually bend metal. That really doesn't happen very often, so having the wheels aligned periodically is a waste of money.

 On the other hand, there are valid reasons to having the alignment checked periodically.

• If your tires are wearing abnormally, alignment should be checked to find out why.

• If you're buying a new set of tires and want to maximize tread life, it's a good idea to have the alignment checked as insurance.

• If you're experiencing any kind of steering or handling problem, an alignment may be necessary for diagnostic purposes.

• Wheel alignment is also required when certain suspension and steering components are replaced.

• Another benefit of having the wheels aligned is to assure optimum handling and traction for driving safety.

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