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Notes from a Country Kitchen

Fri, May 24th, 2002
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Annabelle Kvam Monday, May 20, 2002

I havent traveled much in my life, but I did get to California twice. The first time was 16 years ago and I had never been on a plane or even near one, but I was excited about going and the plane I took left from the cities. It was getting dark, but I was enjoying every moment of it, but my poor kids were scared to death thinking Id never make it out to Fresno, California by myself, but I did. I stayed with my son and family for for two weeks, he was in the service at the time. The next time a year later my daughter and husband and I flew out to Fresno, and drove back with Allan as he had his ten years of service in and was ready to come back to good old Minnesota. His wife and little son flew out to Boston to her folks until Allan got home and settled in. Today Saturday May 11th my son-in-law Ed who lives in Winona and another co-worker left the cities at 10:00 a.m. to fly to Singapore for the company they work for in Winona. They stop in Japan and then on again. The trip is 9,000 miles and 20 hours flying. The weather is hot 95 daytime and cools off to 80 at night. Good luck Ed.
. . . . .
I was a vegetarian for awhile, but I quit because there are side effects. I found myself sitting in the living room, starting to lean toward the sunlight.
. . . . .
You dont have to be a tailor to mend your habits.
. . . . .
A guarantee is like a bikini, it usually covers as little as possible.
. . . . .
The middle class is people not poor enough to qualify for charity and not rich enough to make donations.
. . . . .
Though they meet in lengthy sessions
To discuss important matters
Theres sure to be one person
Who just comes and sets and chatters
. . . . .
Seven Ages of Man
20 -- Wake up romantic
30 -- Wake up married
40 -- Wake up successful
50 -- Wake up rich
60 -- Wake up contented
70 -- Wake up healthy
80 -- Just glad to wake up
. . . . .
Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise him all creatures here below,
Praise him above, ye heavenly host,
Praise, Father, Son and Holy Ghost

When you sing the Doxology remember it was written as part of other songs. It has been around for about 300 years. No other hymn has ever taken its place. The Doxology is called by some the most famous hymn stanza ever written.
~Until next week, Annabelle

Tuna and Biscuit Casserole

6 oz. can tuna (drained & flaked)
1/3 cup chopped onion
1/3 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp. pickle relish (drained)
2 cups prepared biscuit mix
11 oz. can cheddar cheese soup
1/3 cup milk

Preheat oven to 400. Combine tuna, onion, pickle relish and mayonnaise, spread this over lightly in greased 8x8 baking dish. Prepare biscuit mix according to label directions, spoon evenly over tuna mix. Bake until golden. Heat cheese soup and 1/3 cup milk. Serve as sauce over the hot dish.

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