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What are the Benefits of Massage?  

Fri, Feb 4th, 2011
Posted in Ask the Expert

Chasta Boley,CMT

Massage has been recognized for its health enhancing effects. It is a hands on therapy used to soothe aches and pains and to facilitate the body's own healing process. Massage is used from infancy to old age, and has been found to enhance general health and well-being. Some commonly known benefits of massage are relaxation, improved circulation, and relief for muscle tension.There are new applications for therapeutic massage related to mental and emotional well-being, infant care, aging, etc. Other new discoveries also link touch in general and therapeutic massage to improved immune system functioning.

 Therapeutic massage can be used as an important part of your health maintenance or wellness plan. It will help keep the body and mind functioning: 1. Massage therapy promotes well-nourished and healthy skin. 2. Improves circulation of blood and lymph 3. Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility 4. Improves immune system functioning 5. Improves energy flow.

 Therapeutic massage can also help relieve common physical problems: 1. Muscle tension and aches 2. Headaches 3. Back pain 4. Poor circulation 5. Anxiety and Stress.

 Therapeutic massage also combats against negative effects of aging, relieves the effects of stress. There are certain cases which cause unique physical and mental challenges: 1. Mothers during pregnancy 2. Infant massage 3. Disabled, especially people in wheelchairs and people with orthopedic conditions 4. Elderly

 Massage is especially beneficial for caregivers who care for others, physical workers who stress their bodies in their work or trade, desk workers whose work involves long hours sitting at a desk, using a computer, talking on a phone, or assembling parts, fixing things, factory work and even for the travelers who spend long hours sitting in a automobile, plane, example: sales people, business travelers, commuters, and even vacationers.

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