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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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Dinner and a movie

Sun, Feb 12th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Wednesdays present the perfect opportunity to pick up some Chinese food at Preston Foods during the lunch hour from their hot deli. Above is a picture of my recent meal. And, surprisingly, I wasn�t hungry one hour later!Photo by Jason Sethre

Living in Fountain and working in Preston, populations of 343 and 1,426, respectively, it's really amazing at how many dining options are within a stone's throw away.

We have easily have eight restaurants that most people could name off the top of their heads. However, there is a ninth option that offers a little something off the beaten path.

I remember a little over a year ago when Preston Foods first announced they were going to construct a hot deli section as part of the remodeling plans for the store.

At the time of construction, I had no idea how frequently my wife and I would be using the grocery store as an immediate dining option. On a countless number of times, we have stopped by and picked up a tender Chester Chicken and fresh, hot potato wedges. For a pretty small chunk of change, we can feed a family of four and have enough money left over to rent a movie at Preston Foods. Really, when you consider how much time it takes to prepare the food and then do dishes, it's a no-brainer.

And, during our workdays, we do run up the street from the Fillmore County Journal office and load up on their daily lunch special.

A couple of weeks ago, our team at the office had made great strides with a particular project, so we ordered Chinese food for everyone. The options were Orange Chicken and General Tso's Chicken, along with chicken-fried rice and egg rolls.

When you think about having the option of Chinese food right down the street at our locally-owned grocery store, it's quite remarkable. I am certainly grateful.

And, compliments to the staff working in the deli who strive to keep a live, updated calendar accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

What's even better is that two other communities in Fillmore County are lucky enough to have the same dining options. In Harmony, they have Harmony Foods, accessible at, and in Rushford, they have Rushford Foods, accessible at All of the deli menus are online and available to the general public, so you can plan your family dining experiences accordingly. Ah, the wonders of the Internet!

Thank you to Jim Hoiness, and son Brad Hoiness, for finding a niche such as Chinese food on Wednesdays in Preston, and filling that void. As with anything in our lives, a little variety in life goes a long way.

I feel fortunate to live in an area where we have absolutely no corporate-owned restaurants. Every restaurant in our area is family owned and operated. Every dining establishment in the area provides something unique from the ambiance to the tasty bites that keep us coming back for more. We have a great selection of restaurants right here in our own backyard, and I plan on sharing my dining experiences from one town to the next.

Look for this feature every week in the Fillmore County Journal, along with online under the Real Bites section.

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