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Notes from a Country Kitchen

Fri, Jul 19th, 2002
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Annabelle Kvam Monday, July 22, 2002

Isnt this cool weather great. We do need rain but things really look good in gardens and fields. I was just thinking the other day about the hot, humid weather we had years ago. I remember mother baking bread and in a day or two it got sour in the middle of the loaf. Those days nobody had a refrigerator, just took everything down in the cellar and laid everything on the cold floors. After the hot summer weather was over the sour bread problem was over too. Do any of you readers remember your bread getting sour before you could use it up?
. . . . .
A young woman just back from her vacation was telling a friend that she had visited San Francisco and then gone on to San Jose, which she called San Josie.

Its San Hosey, the friend corrected. In California, you always pronounce a J like a H. When here you there?

I was there in Hune and Huly.
. . . . .
Ole was staggering home from the tavern one night, weaving from side to side. The Lutheran minister saw him and in a Good Samaritan impulse, offered to guide Ole to his home. As they approached the house, Ole suggested that the minister go inside for a moment. He explained, I want Lena to see who I have been out with.
. . . . .
Make one person happy each day, even if its yourself.
. . . . .
Nothing makes us go into debt as fast as trying to keep up with people who already are.
. . . . .
Some people do wonderful things with leftovers - they throw them out.
. . . . .
Memories are flowers that bloom,
No matter what the weather.
. . . . .
I adore my bifocals.
My false teeth fit fine.
My hairpiece fits swell.
But I sure miss my Mind!
. . . . .
Researchers at the University of Texas have shown that orange juice is an effective method of preventing the recurrence of kidney stones. Drinking 1.2 liters of juice daily with meals had a very similar effect to medications taken to prevent stone formation.
. . . . .
A Quiz on Horses
1. A song of long ago
2. A famous book.
3. They hung them in early
settler days
4. An old movie about a horse.
5. A famous horse race.
6. Antiques used for
picture frames or mirrors.
7. Famous beer horses.
8. A slang expression
9. A kind of lap robe used
in early touring cars
10. A very lucky object.
. . . . .
Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to gelatin if you plan to use bananas, this keeps them from turning dark.

Answers to Quiz
1. The Old Gray Mare
2. Black Beauty
3. Horse Thieves
4. National Velvet
5. Kentucky Derby
6. Horse Collars
7. Budweiser Clydesdales
8. Horse Feathers
9. Horse Hair
10. Horseshoe

~Until next week, Annabelle


1 small can orange juice
1 small can lemonade
1 pkg. lemon Kool-aid
7 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 can 7-Up
Mix all together, refrigerate.

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