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To the Editor,

Mon, Sep 9th, 2002
Posted in Letter to the Editor

On September 11 last year, we experienced a shock to our system. Why, we asked, would terrorists so hate the U.S. that they would commit suicide in order to kill thousands in the World Trade Tower and the Pentagon? Now, a year later, our President is telling us that the terrorist threat justifies a unilateral, pre-emptive attack on Iraq, against the advice of our allies, many top military advisors, former secretaries of state, and other experts. We need to ask our elected officials hard questions such as: will this action in fact make us more secure? Will the haters of America around the world be calmed, or will they be enraged and engaged by this action to further terrorist acts, as has been the case in Israel? What will be the cost of this action in American lives, in the lives of innocent Iraqi citizens, and in impacts on the American economy? Will travel become more or less secure? Throughout southeastern Minnesota, communities such as Rochester and Lanesboro have experienced a drop in tourism and economic activity due to travel fears and economic uncertainty.
Containment has been a viable policy towards the nuclear threat in North Korea. Given the constant flights over Iraq by the U.S. and Britain, and sophisticated surveillance of every Iraqi move, does it really seem possible that Saddam Hussein would be insane enough to use weapons of mass destruction against his neighbors? Does it seem credible that he could do this without our knowledge? We should pursue weapons inspections in Iraq. In an interdependent world, we should avoid taking actions alone. Decisions being made in Washington could have a dramatic effect on all our lives. Keep our democracy healthy by staying engaged with this issue and sharing your views with your elected officials.
Martha Greenwald
Lanesboro, MN

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