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Fri, Sep 13th, 2002
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Bryce Niemeyer, (left) a 9th-grader and 4-H youth leader from Chatfield, waits with his horse Indy for the results of the championship class of Showmanship at Halter at the Fillmore County Fair.

Samantha O’Connor, (right) a 13 year old member of the Harmony Helping Hands 4-H Club, spends some time at the Fillmore County Fair with her two Babcock swine, Buddy and Jasmine .

General Projects Results
Ch=Champion Re=Reserve
Aerospace Ch: Andrew Scheevel (HHH) Re: Jacob Kappers (RRR)

Animal Science (Exploring Animals) Ch: Stefanie Pfremmer (HHH) Re: Michael Goeldi (FE)

Bicycle Ch: Tiffany Wait (OD)

Child Development Ch: Kristi Thompson (RRR) Re: Ashley Benson (NGG)

Citizenship Ch: Travis Krahn (CW) Re: Jill Frank (BC)

Clothing – Constructed Ch: Amy Jacobson (NGG) Re: Kristi Jacobson (NGG)

Clothing – Purchased Ch: Brittany Olson (AHF) Re: Katherine Sveen (LL)

Clowning Ch: Nicole Brown (AHF)

Computer Ch: Adam Drinkall (AHF) Re: Brittany Lee (OD)

Centennial Exhibits Ch: Jill Frank (BC) Re: William Sparks (CC)

Club History Ch: Mabel Busy Bees Re: Arendahl Hi-Flyers

Club Community Pride Ch: Norway Go-Getters Re: Mabel Busy Bees

Consumer Ed Ch: Matthew Kaster (FDM)

Corn Ch: Justin Brown (AHF) Re: Ryan Kappers (BC)

Electric Ch: Alex Sass (RRR)

Entomology Ch: Nicole Brown (AHF)

Exploring the Environment Ch: Matt Halverson (NGG) Re: Stefanie Pfremmer (HHH)

Fine Arts/Crafts Ch: Morgan Mensink (HHH) Re: Megan Kappers (BC)

Fine Art/ Original Art Ch: Kathleen Glady (CW) Re: Jana Olson (AHF)

Fishing Sports Ch: Stefanie Pfremmer (HHH) Re: Matt Halverson (NGG)

Flower Arrangement Ch: Kathryn Drinkall (BC) Re: Mariah Ciangiola (AHF)

Flower Gardening Ch: Tiffany Wait (OD) Re: Julia LaFleur (NGG)

Foods (Food and Nutrition) Ch: Grace DeVries (HHH) Re: Kathleen Glady (CW)

Foods (Food Preservation) Ch: Amber Hazel (AHF) Re: Yvonne Freese (LL)

Forest Resources Ch: Stefanie Pfremmer Re: Melissa Hirsch

Fruit Ch: Sophia Gossman

Geology Ch: Jane Pettit Re: Nicole Brown

Health Ch: Tessa Hovland Re: Derek Mulhern

Home Environment Ch: Brittany Olson Re: Mariah Ciangiola

Indoor Gardening Ch: Katherine Sveen Re: Denise Jacobson

Lawn and Landscape Ch: Margaret Glady Re: Ashley Benson

Needle Arts Ch: Julia LaFleur Re: Julia LaFleur

Performing Arts Ch: Mariah Ciangiola Re: Kristin Robert

Photography Ch: Tessa Hovland Re: Brittany Olson

Plant and Soil Science Ch: Sarah Gossman Re: Kayli Hareldson

Potatoes Ch: Sarah Gossman Re: Timothy Ortner

Safety Ch: Domingo Kingsley (HHH) Re: Joshua Brumm (PP)

Self-Determined Ch: Aaron Nash (CW) Re: Jill Frank (BC)

Shooting Sports Ch: John Cavanaugh (BC) Re: Stefanie Pfremmer (HHH)

Shop Ch: Tyler Benson (NGG) Re: Andrew Kingsbury (AHF)

Small Grain Ch: Benjamin Mc-Caulley (CW) Re: Ryan Kappers (BC)

Tractor Ch: Justin Brown (AHF)

Vegetable Gardening Ch: Phillip LaFleur (NGG) Re: Julia LaFleur (NGG)

Veterinary Science Ch: Brittany Lee (OD) Re: Megan Kappers (BC)

Water/Wetlands Ch: Jana Olson (AHF)

Wildlife-Biology Ch: Stefanie Pfremmer (HHH) Re: Jane Pettit (NGG)

Youth Leadership Ch: Jill Frank (BC) Re: Grace DeVries (HHH)

Cat Show Results
Ch. Jr.: Dana Sautter (LL) Res. Ch Jr.: Kaine Kaase (FDM)
Ch. Int: Robin Sautter (LL) Res. Ch Int: Christina Hirsch (MBB)
Ch. Senior: Casey Sautter LL) Res. Ch Sr.: Julia LaFleur (NGG)

Pet Show Results
Ch. Jr: Melissa Hirsch (MBB) Res. Ch Jr.: Adam Hazel (AHF)
Ch. Int.: Robin Sautter (LL) Res. Ch Int.: Jacole Drinkall (BC)
Ch. Sr: Casey Sautter (LL) Res. Ch Sr.: Heather Rasmussen (PP)
Source: Fillmore County 4-H
Fillmore County 4-H Clubs
AHF = Arendahl Hi-Flyers
BC = Bloomfield Cloverleaves
CB = Canton Boomers
CC = Carimona Cruisers
CW = Challenging Workers
FE = Family Enrolled
FDM = Fillmore Do Mores
HHH = Harmony Helping Hand
LL = Laneboro Livewires
MBB = Mabel Busy Bees
NGG = Norway Go-Getters
OD = Pstrander Dreamers
PP = Preble Pioneers
RRR = Root River Rabbits

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