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Love's letter to the Editor,

Fri, Oct 18th, 2002
Posted in Letter to the Editor

I believe that the "It's a Fact" ads are interesting.

I believe that the "It's a Fact" ads would have been much more believable had each fact been followed by supporting information or, at least, the identity of some publicly available source containing information supporting that fact.

I believe that "It's a Fact" that until an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) has been prepared and publicly released, those local and regional politicians who have publicly supported this project, by both word and votes, without having the information which an EIS must contain, have done (and are doing) so without sufficient facts available are skating on mighty thin ice and, should the plant be built, and prove to be somewhat less than advertised, may well be open to legal action.

I do not believe that the proposed Heartland Energy and Recycling plant is inherently evil, but I do believe that what we're hearing now just sounds just too much like what we all heard before the Pro-Corn plant was first built and that having the two facilities sitting cheek by jowl, where the contaminants they produce can combine before they enter the air (read our lungs) and water (read our food chain).

And finally, I believe that having two such facilities and more importantly, truck traffic that both require to operate, located so close to each other - and Preston, and Fountain, and Lanesboro, and Harmony, and Wykoff, etc. without sufficient information to prove that we can all coexist safely, makes no sense at all and I suggest that those of you reading this write a brief letter (or send an email) to the Editor of the Fillmore County Journal and/or the newspaper of your choice saying simply that your beliefs are similar to mine or that they are not. As there has been no referendum on this topic, and time is running short. Remember, that the "It's a Fact" ads say, "it's a fact that if the plant is to built in this area we need community support" and I, for one am not willing to give my support to a project being pushed by people who do not care to identify themselves in their ads.

Benjamin T. Love

Preston, MN

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