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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
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Journal Writing Project-Kyle Anderson

Mon, Oct 21st, 2002
Posted in Columnists

Deadlines are like rainy days. They show up everyone once in a while and nobody likes them. Deadlines make people sweat, make them nervous, and make them shake in their boots, but they also give people order. Deadlines are those unpleasant reminders that you must have this task done by this time or else.

Almost everyone can relate to deadlines, except for children. Think back to those days when the only thing thought of was recess and getting a swing to swing on. Deadlines were not expected to be met at such a young age. As age started crawling along so did responsibilities and deadlines. Parents started setting times when you should be in bed by. Teachers gave assignments and expected them back on a certain day.

Things have changed since then. Life has become more demanding and more stressful than the past. The number of deadlines has multiplied and so have the duties. It is a wake up call from the working world teaching us how to deal with many situations.

Deadlines can make or break people. For some, they need that reminder when something needs to be done. For other people, they dont care for deadlines and would rather have a wide-open time frame. These people are procrastinators that usually lay back and wait until the last second to get something done.

To procrastinators like myself, the word deadline is like a pesky fly. We let it fly around us until we finally think that something needs to be done about it. They make your eyes roll in the back of your head making you say to yourself, Oh! Not again! Deadlines are seen as hurdles too high to jump over, obstacles that weigh us down. Granted we usually do make a deadline, but we just wait until the last possible second to get the job done. If procrastinators could only say, Abra-Cadabra! and deadlines would just disappear.

Right now in this busy school year, I am seeing deadlines come at me from the left and right. I have deadlines for essays, homework, scholarships, college applications, and now I can add to the list, newspaper articles. Life is demanding on a day-to-day basis. People are always faced with deadlines, but not all people can tolerate them. As a student, I can be stressed at times with the deadlines piling up before my eyes. After I finish one, another one follows.

I salute the people who work in the media field. On the television or the newspaper, people who share the news have deadlines almost everyday. They have by far the most demanding job of anyone. The news never stops and so the stress and deadlines never stop. The news and deadlines work together hand in hand.

I have to face deadlines now, and I know that down the road I will run into more deadlines waiting for me. I have a good idea that deadlines will start to come like how the snow falls. First little flakes, then piles and piles. I can only hope that I will have my shovel and my patience ready when those deadlines come.

Kyle Anderson is a student at Kingsland High School.

The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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