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Schieffelbein's Letter To the Editor,

Fri, Oct 18th, 2002
Posted in Letter to the Editor

While the difference of the terms "democracy" and "republic" have bee blurred in past years to the point that even our elected officials can't tell you the difference, the two are very, very different.

Simply put a democracy allows for the rights of the majority to rule. A republic says that the rights of the majority shall not supersede the rights of the few.

Why is it then that, while living in a republic, a single individual in Canton cannot build a house without fear of being sued by the county commissioners? If the man is of average intelligence, he knows the problems of building at his chosen site. He has been warned by the same commissioners that have now gone into parental mode and said "no means no."

I might be taking a simplistic view, but it just seems that, while there is a limited need to zone, zoning laws pertaining to land that has been purchased for single family use are in violation of a citizen's constitutional rights to their property and the use of it. Any lawyer will roll their eyes at the mention of the constitution in this venue; however it is there for the protection of the citizens of a government that is rapidly being allowed to become more socialistic with every passing law and edict. Broad based zoning and a restriction of privately held land doesn't belong in the "land of the free." A government based on the ideals of a republic should not be able to tell people where to build on their own property, what type of building to live in nor require them to get permission in the form of a permit. History tells us that if we push people into a corner they will, when all else fails, fight back usually in a violent manner. Remember the revolution through which this country was born? If you are concerned about future owners attaching a warning to the deed and warn them as well. If Mr. Slabaugh's falls off a cliff it his problem as longs as it doesn't directly affect anyone else. Leave the man alone and continue with your job of running the county not the individuals in it. You seem to be having a difficult enough time just doing that.

Theresa Schieffelbein

Wykoff, MN

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