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Notes from a country kitchen

Fri, Nov 8th, 2002
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Yes, we have had some cold weather for October and now into November, but I guess all of us older ones will never forget November 11, 1940, our terrible Armistice's Day storm. There is one thing in life that none of us, not one person can change and that is the weather. It was cold and some days wet, but hope most of the corn has been harvested. Years ago there wasn't any weather forecast like there is now days (they don't always get it right), but we can kind of go by what they say and get some things done outside before it snows. I think we will have a nice warm November. Here's hoping!



The children had all been photographed and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture. "Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say: "There's Anne, she's married, or that's Billy, he's a sailor." A small voice in the back of the room added: "And there's Teacher - she's dead."


My wife and I were traveling through and Ozarks and got into a big argument. We didn't speak for probably an hour. We passed by a pasture that had a mule in it and I said to her, "Is that some of your relation?" She said, "By marriage!"


It takes two kinds of people to make the world - poets to write about autumn's glories and the rest of us to rake them.


Stupidity won't kill you, but it can make you sweat.


One good thing about silence is that it can't be repeated.


I baked a cake and liked the tastewhen I consumed a slice,but when I shared some with a friendit tasted twice as nice.



1. To make good popcorn balls use the same recipe you do for Rice Krispies bars, they are so good.

2. If you are out of marshmallow creme, melt 32 large marshmallows in 1/3 cup of milk,. This equals 1 pint of marshmallow creme.


SomedayThere's a loving letter,I mean to send,there's a visit, I mean to paythere's a careless habit, I hope to mend,when I get time, someday.There's a dusty Bible,I mean to read,there's an hour, I'll keep to pray,and I'll turn each dreamto a golden deed,when I get time, someday.So we've thought,and so we're said,yet, how sad to relatethat busy with less important thingswe're waiting until, too late.We'll never find the time,dear friend,to be kind, along life's way,lest we thoughtfully and prayerfullymake the most of every day.


Until next week, Annabelle

Unusual Cranberry Salad

2 pkgs cherry gelatin2 cups hot water1 cup juices and water (drain fruit, add water to make 1 cup)1/2 tsp strawberry flavoring1/2 tsp pineapple flavoring1 10 oz pkg frozen strawberries 1 13 1/2 oz can crushed pineapple2 cans whole cranberry sauce12 large marshmallows

Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water. Drain the thawed frozen strawberries and pineapple and add water to make 1 cup liquid and add to gelatin. Add flavorings, chill the gelatin until it starts to congeal, then add the berries, crushed pineapple, and cranberry sauce and diced marshmallows. Return to refrigerator until set.

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