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Republicans sweep into office

Fri, Nov 8th, 2002
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Area voters turned out in large numbers for Tuesdays mid-term elections. In Fillmore County 9,272 of the 12,110 registered voters (76.56%) came to the polls. Meanwhile in Houston County, 8,600 of 11,602 registered voters (74.13%) turned out to cast votes.While the Republican Party swept control of both houses of Congress, closer to home in Fillmore County the Democrats performed quite well. Vice President Walter Mondale, while losing the state-wide election to Republican Norm Coleman, took Fillmore County by a margin of 4908 to 4085.Democrats Buck Humphrey and Carol Johnson led in Fillmore County for the Secretary of State and State Audtior positions, despite losing to Republicans state-wide by slight margins.Similarly, first time DFL state senate candidate Sharon Ropes took Fillmore County with 53% of the vote before losing the district race to Winona businessman Robert Kierlin in District 31. Republican State Representative Greg Davids will return to St. Paul representing Distrtict 31 B. Davids edged DFL candidate Al Hein by slightly more than 1,000 votes in their race for the state house seat.Independence Party candidate for governor, Tim Penny, took Fillmore County by a wide margin with 47% of the vote. Below is a summary of federal and state election results in Fillmore County. Bold indicates overall winner.FEDERAL ELECTIONSU.S. Senator GP-Ray Tricomo 37IP-Jim Moore 299R-Norm Coleman 4085DFL-Walter Mondale 4908CON-Miro Kovatchevich 11

U.S. Representative District 1GP-Greg Mikkelson 241R-Gil Gutknecht 5710DFL-Steve Andreason 3250

STATE ELECTIONSGovernorGP-Ken Pentel 101IP-Timothy Penny 4429R-Tim Pawlenty 2951DFL-Roger Moe 1730CON-Lawrence Aeschliman 12I-Booker Hodges IV 20SWP-Kari Sachs 8

Secretary of StateGP-Andrew Koebrick 165IP-Dean Alger 575R-Mary Kiffmeyer 4149DFL-Hubert Humphrey 4185

State AuditorGP-Dave Berger 229IP-Dave Hutcheson 913R-Patricia Anderson Awada 3783DFL-Carol Johnson 3885

Attorney GeneralIP-Dale Nathan 572R-Tom Kelley 3800DFL-Mike Hatch 4603

State Senator District 31R-Bob Kierlin 3697DFL-Sharon Ropes 4295

State Representative D-31BR-Greg Davids 4708DFL-Al Hein 3423

COUNTY ELECTIONSThe Fillmore County Board of Commissioners will stay relatively unchanged as both Duane Bakke and Randall Dahl won re-election. Newcomer Chuck Amunrud, who ran unopposed in the newly aligned District 3, will take over for Harry Root who did not seek re-election. Helen Bicknese, who also ran unopposed, will return for a two year term as Commisisoner in District 1.The contest to replace Matt Opat as County Attorney was hotly contested with Brett Corson of Wykoff emerging victorious.Below is a summary of key county contests in Fillmore County. Bold indicates overall winner.

County Commissioner Dist. 2Randall Dahl 1042Donald Boyum 760

County Commissioner Dist. 4Duane Bakke 1150Sandra Benson 891

County AttorneyBrett Corson 4785Eric Herendeen 3904

CITY ELECTIONSThere were several exciting city elections in Fillmore County. In Preston, a grass roots write-in campaign, that started two weeks ago, helped elect Dave Pechulis over long time Mayor Clarence Quanrud. Mike McGarvey, who was also part of the write-in campaign was elected to one of two council member seats.There was a tight race in Wykoff where incumbent mayor Leroy Eickhoff edged Randy Mensink by four votes. In other contests, the Mabel-Canton School referendum was defeated, while Peterson residents voted in favor of a Sunday liquor license for the Peterson Legion. In Spring Valley, voters approved a Sunday Liquor referendum by four votes.Below is summary of votes in city elections in Fillmore County. Bold indicates overall winner.

CANTONMayor (2 year)Donivee Johnson 92Write in Donald Helgeson 72City Council (2 seats, 4 year) Russell Richardson 81Henry Selden 102Kim Bakke 50Eugene Winslow 15Randy Gossman 56

CHATFIELDMayor (2 year)Curt Sorenson 588Neil Snider 365John McBroom 138City Council (2 seats, 4 year) Jeremy Wangen 283Merlin Iverson 380Les Knutson 483Paul Novotny 512Jon Martin 373

FOUNTAINMayor (2 year)Richard Kujath 160City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Jim Schott 146Write in - Bryan Ostby 16Write in - Tom Larson 14

HARMONYMayor (2 year)David Runkel 390City Council (2 seats, 4 year) Sherry Hines356Gerald Shuck 338

LANESBOROMayor (2 year)Carla Noack200Robert Nordby 8Steve Rahn262City Council (1 seat, 2 year)Joe OConnor428City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Kevin Drake281Karen Scheevel 199J.T. Tuft 59Jerome Halvorson 247Write in 61

MABELMayor (2 year)James Westby 259Karen Norby 93City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Terry Torkelson 291Brian Street 283

OSTRANDERMayor (2 year)Linda Schwenn 112Victor Feine 37City Council (1 seat, 4 year)Pamela Kunert 89Merlin Christenson 103Write in 53City Council (1 seat, 2 year)John Schraeder 45Jessie Vlasak 101

PETERSONMayor (2 year)Richard Lee 113City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Keith Peterson 97Randall Benson 105

PRESTONMayor (2 year)Clarence Quanrud 220Greg Johnson 119Write in Dave Pechulis 303City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Dennis Clausen 84Mike Sveen 169Heath Mensink 454Eugene Major 140Write in Mike McGarvey 326

RUSHFORD - no city elections.

RUSHFORD VILLAGEMayor (2 year)Gordon Johnson 261Lori Peterson 115City Council (1 seat, 4 year)Dale Schwanke 337City Clerk (1 seat, 4 year)Judy Graham 338Write in 10

SPRING VALLEYMayor (2 year)Jim Struzyk 858Write in 50City Council (1 seat, 2 year)Bill Biers 924Write in 17City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Mike Hadland 594Deb Staley 533Dennis Colton 633Write in 52

WHALANMayor (2 year)Dean Hughes 26City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Sheila McCallson 6Patrice Carlsen 5Robert Engen 22Everett Johnson 25Margaret Chiglo - appointed to fill the unfinished term of Doris Peterson.

WYKOFFMayor (2 year)Kevin Comstock 16Leroy Eickhoff 116Randy Mensink 112

City Council (2 seats, 4 year)Jeremy Comstock 155Michael Sabatke 176Write in 82

OTHER CONTESTSMabel-Canton School District 238 levy referendumYes 390No 467

Peterson City Question Sunday LiquorYes 60No 49

Rushford School BoardDorothy Pettit 362David Boe 755Jon Peterson 779Stan Gudmundson 244Chuck Eidenschink 1105Write in 605

Spring Valley City Queston Sunday LiquorYes 476No 472

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