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Student Writing Project - Jacob Grant

Fri, Nov 15th, 2002
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What do you want out of life? Can you remember the last time someone asked you this intriguing question, or the last time you asked yourself? Quite possibly, its been years since this subject has arisen. The reason for this may be because you are more accustomed to asking the opposite question; what would I have done differently in the past? However, dwelling on the past will not change it at all. Youre better off thinking about the things you want to gain in the future. With that in mind, why not dwell on what you do want out of life?I know this may seem like a question aimed more at people like myself: high school seniors still contemplating what they want to do after high school. This is indeed very true. However, it is never too late to ask yourself this kind of question. For those of you who knew what you wanted in life, you can think about whether you truly got what you dreamed of. You can be free to wonder what new things you may want out of life as things have changed. It is also true that when you were my age, the things that were important to you are different than what they are now.When examining what we want out of life each of us will look at what we desire in our own unique way. For some people, they would have life be a bit like a carousel; the same routine day in, and day out, because they want life to be simple. Others want to lead lives that are ever changing in order to experience everything that they possibly can. These are both great ways of living your life because you are doing whatever makes you happy; and I believe that happiness is the central factor in deciding what you would like to gain out of life.Considering that you can't live forever, why should anyone not lead a life that makes you happy?In all reality no body really knows for sure what life has in store for them. Thats just part of the deal in the extraordinary game of life; a wild roller coaster packed full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected finishes. By pondering what you want out of life, you may reveal some startling surprises or none at all. As I go, I would like to leave you with these key words of wisdom from Ferris Bueller- Life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it.Jacob Grant is a student at Fillmore Central High School.The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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