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Journal Writing Project-Jamie Howe

Fri, Dec 6th, 2002
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Tis the season

Itís finally here...the church bells ringing triumphantly, the crackling of the fire, the Christmas lights twinkling all around, the stockings hanging, the carolers singing on the snow-covered sidewalks, the chitter-chatter of your family around the feast on the table, the mistletoe hanging in the doorway, the December wind and snow, the laughter and the embracing of loved ones, and the celebration of the holidays.

And yes, itís the season of special Christmas television programs too!

Every season has its special qualities, its differences, and its importances, but there is something about the winter holidays that makes my cheeks a little rosier and my smile a little brighter. We are entertained all season by a host of familiar characters that charm, inspire, instruct and influence us at this special time of year.

Itís not just the presents under the tree or the letters to Santa Claus. Itís the spirit of the season--itís life, hope, love, and joy! Itís seeing your parents turn into kids again. Itís watching your whole world and the people in it turn from mean old Mr. Grinches to rosie-cheeked Mrs. Clauses all because itís the holidays. Itís watching the most selfish person throw a couple dollars into the Salvation Army kettle. Itís decking your whole house up in lights and tinsel and watching practically everyone in town pass by just to catch a glimpse of the holiday cheer you have. Itís saying ďMerry ChristmasĒ to people you donít even know just because itís Christmas!

This is the only time of year when everyone is happy and in a cheerful mood. So whatís the point of not having Christmas cheer? I have to admit, some days I donít feel so cheery either; but I just remember that itís Christmas and itís a time to rejoice and be glad! So why not?!

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, joy and laughter, love and cheer. There is no room for a humbug attitude like Mr. Scrooge--think Whoville and cheer like the Whovilles down in Whoville!

I remember last year many people were saddened by the brown and drab Christmas we had due to the lack of snow. But maybe this year, Frosty the Snowman will be able to grace us with his laughter and joy. That should keep the spirit of everyone going!

Or maybe you will receive just the right present when Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer finds his way to your rooftop. Santa always knows, and hopefully youíve been nice, not naughty! Weíre lucky heís still checkiní that list, because if there were a more strict Santa Claus or Santa Claus II, he wouldnít be up for the job this year. Hopefully, Santa will be generous at your house.

Then, finally the big day rolls around and after your family and friends open their gifts from Kris Kringle you can make yourself cozy in front of the television to watch all of the Christmas specials like Itís a Wonderful Life or A Charlie Brown Christmas, and one of my favorites, Miracle on 34th Street.

Christmas is a time of happiness and cheer, being thankful for everything that is in your life, being generous to the poor, and sharing the love and cheer you have in your heart with everyone else you know. Be sure to spend your Christmas season in a joyful, care-free, holiday mood because it only comes around once a year!

Jamie Howe is a student at Fillmore Central High School.

The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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