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Friday, October 28th, 2016
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Notes from a country kitchen

Fri, Dec 20th, 2002
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I'm thinking of our Christmas treeof many years ago,a lovely pine, tall, freshly cut,with candles all aglow.

Went driving around town the other nite and seen the beautiful displays of outside lights in the trees, roof tops and as we drove slow we could see beautiful decorated trees inside some homes. I think back many years ago when dad would get a tree from our yard and just a few ornaments and then mother would snap on each candle. One night close to Christmas she would light them with a match and we would all have big eyes and watch the flames flicker. I guess these days they never thought of a fire, but mother and dad were both watching the tree, just in case. Merry Christmas.



There was a young seminary graduate, who had a hard time remembering Biblical names while he's preaching. So last Sunday he carefully prepared for his first sermon as an ordained minister by printing the necessary names inside his coat for easy reference. After his opening remarks he launched into the story of creation, saying: "First God made a man and called h-h-im" - peeking at the note in his coat - "Adam." "He then made a woman and named her," looking again in his coat - "Eve" and eventually, he continues, "Adam and Eve had two sons and they called them" - memory failing, so again he consulted inside his coat - "Sears and Roebuck!"


It's better to walk with God through dark valleys than, without him in green pastures.


The Bible - like a bank - is most helpful when it is open.----

Sticky problemCan't give this gift,though I know it's nice,cause I can't removethe tell-tale price.


Things aren't too bad after all

April 23, 1939 Annie wrote: Dear mama, I am making myself a new girdle. You'd never guess how I've made it. I used the pieces left from my peach slip of last summer and the white rayon left over form the collar on my black winter dress two years ago. I used the small pieces form two white slips. The hooks and eyes are from my old girdle. I bought seven cents worth of new elastic. I have only three garters, can you contribute a forth one? Mother did. That was indeed Depression time, many years ago but never forgotten.


Have you even wondered?

• When will the dollar be worth at least fifty cents again?• Are you loved for your perfume or for yourself alone?• If it's true that marriages are made in heaven, why must all the details be worked out on earth?• Are you the better or bitter half of your marriage?• If even half the population obeyed the 10 Commandments, what would the other half do for news?


This time of year means Christmas cardsand tinsel on the tree,the smell of home baked cookiesmade just for you and me.


~Until next week, Annabelle

No-Bake Chocolate Balls

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips3 tbls light corn syrup1/2 cup orange juice2 1/2 cups crushed vanilla wafers1/2 cup powdered sugar1 cup finely chopped nuts

Melt chocolate chips over hot water. Remove and add corn syrup and orange juice. Combine wafers, powdered sugar and nuts, add to the chocolate mixture and mix well. Let stand 30 minutes, form into 1-inch balls, roll in white granulated sugar. Store and let stand for several days.

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