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Journal Writing Project: Eric Leitzen

Fri, Dec 20th, 2002
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Ah yes, the time is here again. Christmas. Just the mere mention of that word brings thoughts of warmth and love, doesnt it? For me, I see my family at the table for Christmas dinner, all ten of us now. However, there are many people outside my family and some within that I will not be able to see this Holiday Season, so I beg your indulgence as I give out my Christmas wishes.

First off, to my brother, who is a TV reporter in Eureka California. Merry Christmas, and remember to keep your hair all nice for the cameras.

Secondly, To my grandfathers, Melvin and Robert. Merry Christmas. I wish I could have known you two during my lifetime, from what Ive heard you sound like pretty amazing guys.

To my Maternal Grandmother, Marie Groff. Grandma, this will be my first Christmas without you being here. Hope everything is okay, wherever you are.

To My Paternal Grandmother Doris and her husband Dale. Merry Christmas. I hope you guys are doing all right. And Dale, keep off the roof. For Petes sake, youre ninety-two.

To my Uncles and Aunts. Merry Christmas. I know I dont get to see you guys that much, being in Illinois and Wisconsin for the most part, but its always a joy.

To My Uncle Dave, Happy Hanukkah. Because youre one of the few Jewish People I know.

To the 2002 Boys State city of Mankato, Merry Christmas. And Happy Hanukkah to Hy. You guys are the coolest Ive ever met. I consider myself a better person for being there with you. Katos rule.

To the 2002-2003 Minnesota All State Choirs: Mixed, Mens and Womens. Merry Christmas. Once again, another amazing group of people that showed me it was okay to be me. Thanks a lot.

Also, to my neighbor, Herb Haroldson, who passed away in November. Herb, I wish I would have gotten to know you a little better, you were a good man. Merry Christmas Herb, wherever you may be.

To all the teachers at Mabel-Canton High School, Merry Christmas. I hope youre feeling the extra Christmas spirit when you correct my papers. But seriously, thanks for being teachers. The World needs more of you.

And finally, to all of those in the world that dont even celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. No, not the presents and pine tree Christmas, but just the feeling of it all. The warmth, the love, the aura of kindness that surround everything around this time of year. So, wherever you are, regardless of race, age, or most importantly creed, make sure to spread the joy and love of this cherished time of the year. Embrace one another, forget about your petty disagreements, and lets all just have a worldwide Christmas Spirit eruption. Lets have the Koreans sit down with a mug of egg nog with the Germans. Lets have Kenyans sing carols next to Canadians. Why cant we? We are, after all, the most sophisticated beings on this planet, or so we say, so lets start acting like it.

"Keep Christmas in your Heart All Year Round" - Charles Dickens.

Eric Leitzen is a student at Mabel-Canton High School.

The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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