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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Journal Writing Project: Jamie Rose Howe

Fri, Jan 17th, 2003
Posted in Columnists

The other day I was sitting in class minding my own business when I overheard a student proclaiming to another student, Why arent you normal? Can you be normal for just one day? My mind quickly wandered from my studies and I concentrated on these words that were spoken so easily; yet they offended me so much. Even though they were not intended towards me, a pain in my heart sprang out for all who are considered not normal.

First, and foremost, what is normal? Is there really a single person out there that is completely, assiduously, entirely, and perfectly normal in the human eye? And if there was, would everyone on this planet have to imitate every movement and word of that person to be considered normal?

All my life I have been taught to be my own person, to build up my character, heart, and soul from what I want, believe, and care for. I can not base my whole life on someone else simply to be accepted as normal. So does that make me not normal or less a person? It probably does to some people. Yet, I have also been taught to build up what I have in my life and always strive to make myself a better person. I should be a superb individual as a whole, and that makes me different and sincerely dissimilar from everyone else.

This is why I dont understand why there are people out there that think they are normal! Honestly, if I had the choice, I wouldnt want to be normal. How boring would it be to live the same life someone else does just to be normal, like everyone else! On my eleventh birthday I received a birthday card from my uncle that said, Lifes too short to be ordinary. I have that card in a frame hanging in my room to remind me every day that I am and want to be extraordinary and an individual.

Is there someone that is that powerful in our creation to say that you are not normal? Absolutely not! The only person in this world that has the power to change or personalize yourself is you. You are the only one: not the most popular guy or the homecoming queen, no one can except you.

One of my close friends has a senior quote that relates to this and I would like to share it with you. It goes as follows: We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors...but they all exist very nicely in the same box. We all are sharp, dull, colorful, and have weird names, which means we are all different and individuals. We are not normal! Meaning there is no normalcy in our world, no one is perfect and no one will ever be perfect, yet we should all exist in the same world peacefully.

As I walk the hallways of my school, I often hear the word normal. I pity the mouths it comes out of. There is no normal in our school, society, world, and universe. The word should be eliminated from our vocabulary. To be normal, is to be perfect, and to be perfect is to be not human. You are not human if you think you are perfect.

So next time you hear the word normal out of someones mouth, reconsider what the true meaning is; reconsider that the human race is not normal or perfect. And the next time you think you are normal, think again, because you are a unique person, and an individual. And no one is like you, and thats definitely not normal.

Jamie Howe is a student at Fillmore Central High School.

The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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