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Are You Game? Super Bowl & more

Fri, Jan 31st, 2003
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Remember the Super Bowl triumph one week ago. Tampa was clearly the best team on the field. For Oakland fans the most offense on Super Bowl Sunday was the Bud commercial with the guy trying to score with a lobster crawling into his ear. Heck, even the Vikings scored 20 points on Tampas D this year.

Some might say that it was Tampas offense that won it, but what I say to them is Tampas offense wouldnt have scored so many points if Oaklands offense had stayed on the field. Both teams had their pre-game advantages; Oakland had the ringbearers Bill Romanow-ski, Rod Woodson, Jerry Rice, and Sam Adams, who had all won the big one before (Romo has 5, Rice has at least 3).

The Bucs were on a roll, their stingy defense allowed nada (except for the first drive of the game), while one of the worst offenses in the league, an offense whose running back Michael Pittman had less touchdowns this season than fingers on your right hand, was blowing away opponents. During the game, it was no contest.

Will Tampa repeat? Probably not, but that doesnt matter. No longer are the Bucs Paper Champions (as the Steelers Lee Flowers called the Bucs), theyre the top dog and dont need to prove anything. We know it wasnt a fluke, because Tampa has been a perennial favorite to win the big one in the past, but has always choked under pressure. The Bucs have never had a decent Q.B. before. I mean Trent Dilfer? Shawn King? Sure Trent won it all with Baltimore in 2K, but, I mean, come on.


Besides Football, the Wild have paralyzed the hockey world with their shocking play. Marian Gaborick is the midseason winner of the Most Improved Player of the Year Award with his sharpshooting capabilities. Dewayne Rolson has stepped it up behind the crease in the absence of Manny Fernandez. Jacque Lamair has put together a team of has-beens, have-nots, and who-the-hecks and brought them around a young nucleus to create a team of the future. Will they win the Stanley Cup? Will Hades freeze over? Lets hope so.


The Timberwolves are in the same spot theyre usually in. Although this season is different, the 02-03s Timberwolves have been playing without All- Star guard Wally Sczerbiak for most of the season and are still managing to fend of Yao Ming and the Rockets, the resurgent Jazz, and a stupefied Laker team. The TWolves are also doing it with players who have never been real starters in the past (Troy Hudson & Kendall Gill to name a few). Earlier this season the TWolves gave Flip Saunders his 300th win (that would be around four seasons of undefeated basketball) against a struggling Raptor team. The Wolves had to keep the Raptors from erasing a 20+ lead. That kind of game is extremely common with the TWolves this year, and it scares the living crap out of the fans. Dont expect a miracle second-half and dont expect a second-round playoff appearance for these Wolves.


If you havent noticed its February and Spring Training starts later this month and pre-season ballgames start in March. The Twins have done very little to their great lineup of a year ago. They released relievers Mike Jackson and Bob Wells, but signed SS Chris Gomez from Tampa, and eccentric Pitcher Mike Fetters from Arizona. The Twins also re-signed Doug Mientkiewicz and Tori Hunter. Their AL counterparts, the Chicago White Sox, have been busy this winter. They signed All Star Pitchers Bartolo Colon and Billy Koch to bolster a rotation that already includes 20 game winner Mark Buehrle. Does this cancel the Twinkies from winning their division? Absolutely not! Despite these wonderful free agents the Sox signed, the Twins shelled Colon when he pitched for the Indians. Koch, a former A, was throwing T-bones to the Twinkies in October and is now resorting to throwing insults at them in December, saying they had all the lucky breaks last season. Speaking of breaks, Billy, how about that pitch you threw to Koskie in the Playoffs, eh? It still hasnt come down yet.

I look forward to giving you my baseball scouting reports next time, and believe me, by then Billy Koch will have put his foot in his mouth again, Steinbrenner will have signed another slugger, Shaq will be endorsing Penzoil, and the Moon will have hurtled its self into the Sun.

Until next time, this is Da Sports Guy!

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