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Thursday, October 20th, 2016
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Journal Writing Project: Jacob Grant

Fri, Feb 7th, 2003
Posted in Columnists

The other day I was resting in my car awaiting the end of my lunch hour. As I sat there I was thinking about the things that flustered me that morning and how they carried on to a rather disheartening lunch. I wished I could have moved to Australia. While I pondered my thoughts I listened to the radio. After a while an interesting and amusing tune started to play. Feeling the pulsing beat, I began to tap my hands to it. The song helped to rouse my spirits when it suddenly knocked me out with a lyrical punch. The poetic words "Music is the Great Communicator" filtered through my brain giving them great meaning and a profound impact on the rest of my day.

It all just made so much sense to me. Music really is the great communicator of thoughts, feelings, memories, stories, visions, and experiences. Our minds and bodies can quickly change just by hearing one song. It has the capability to give your body goose bumps, make your spine tingle, and captivate your mind all in one breath. The song I heard really reminded me of all the possibilities a song can create for someone.

Its always great to know that just one song can take your troubles and fade them all away. You are able to form a connection with the song so that you dont feel so alone. Its almost funny how a song can carry on with you throughout a day coming out through your personality.

Not only is one song capable of jumpstarting someones day it can pass on a very important message or story. Items of historical importance can also be passed down through a song expressed with emotion. Sometimes it is nice to hear a song from years ago and reflect on the good old times. Bringing back good memories never hurts.

A songwriter may also wish to pass on a message and it is easy to do through a song. Putting a catchy sound behind your words can really allow for more people to hear a message. Whether you want peace or job equality music can help people do it.

Songs are also the best tone setters we have. When someone is ready to play a big game they often times get pumped up through a song. Movies are also a great example of this. And who throws a party with out good music?

So the next time you dont feel quite ready to take on the world, just pop in one of your favorite songs and sing away. If thats not possible, a small hum and the words in your head should suffice.

Jacob Grant is a student at Fillmore Central High School.

The Journal Writing Project focuses on the writing of area young people.

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