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Rushford City Police will patrol Peterson

Fri, May 16th, 2003
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At the request of Peterson Mayor Dick Lee and the Peterson City Council, the Rushford City Council voted Monday night, May 12th, to have the Rushford Police Department patrol Peterson streets five hours per week. The money paid by Peterson for the service ($22/hour) will go into the general fund and be used to pay police salaries. The council was adamant in their stipulation that the citizens of Peterson are made aware this patrolling was being done at the request of their city council.

In other police action, the council discussed a memo from Police Chief Sam Stensgard regarding the issuance of tickets in the city. Chief Stensgard suggested having violators pay administrative penalties instead of state tickets for petty misdemeanor violations, ordinance violations and non-sufficient funds checks. With these penalties, the city would increase its revenues by keeping the fines local. Currently a ticket costing the violator $70 only gives the city $13.33. Under the administrative penalty system, the penalty could be $40 to $60 with the city keeping the entire amount. If a person chose to make a not guilty plea, he could opt for the state ticket and appear in court. The council gave Stensgard the go ahead to draft an ordinance and directed Stensgard and City Administrator Larry Bartelson to take the ordinance to the city attorney and the planning commission for review when it was ready.

Paving Issues

In a letter city residents Joan Kinneberg and Kathy Kirchhof requested the alley behind North Maple be paved. The two cited problems such as uneven settling of the alley from city work in the alley last summer and damaged house siding from flying gravel. The council sent the issue to PWD Jeff Copley for his review and budget considerations before the next meeting.

Bids were opened for city seal coating and blacktopping projects for this year. Dunn Blacktoppings bid was for only the blacktopping; a company representative stated the company doesnt do seal coating and said he was told by city employees to bid the blacktop only. Carlson withdrew its bid for blacktopping after the bids were open, claiming they didnt understand the scope of the project when the bid was made. (Carlson had not met with PWD Jeff Copley to discuss the project requirements before bidding.)

An irritated Mayor T.S. Roberton declared neither bid was complete, adding his concern that the price would go up now the numbers were public if the project was rebid. Roberton stressed his concern with the apparent lack of communication between city employees, and his desire for the situation not to occur again. The issue was tabled until the next meeting to allow time for checking on the legality of accepting bids for portions of the project and of allowing bids to be withdrawn after the opening of bids.

Dunn Blacktopping was awarded the contract for runway paving at the airport subject to grant approval. The current runway will be ground and used as a base for the new paving.

Public Hearings on Sewer Extension and Sewer Rates

A proposed sewer extension west of the Bluffview Trailer Court was the subject of a public hearing. W. John Peterson suggested the city get Lyle and Bev Rislove hooked up now and wait with the rest of the extension, commenting that there was no rush for the rest of the residents. The council directed City Administrator Larry Bartelson to get the price and to notify Risloves of the cost. The resolution regarding the assessment extension was tabled with the notation that Risloves would probably just pay the costs. All of the extension would be assessable with each property owner paying around $18,800 if the entire project were to be done at this time.

The public hearing on sewer rates was postponed because it had not been advertised with enough advance notice. The hearing was rescheduled for May 27.

Other Council Business

Other business conducted by the council included:

Accepting the Fire Department budget;

Accepting Jon Pettits recommendations for summer recreation;

Accepting Lynn Humbles recommendations for the pool;

Donating an individual season pass to the Rushford-Peterson School to be used for a fund raising auction to benefit the Middle School;

Viewing the proposed franchise agreement between the city and HBC/Ace Cable LLC and sending it to the city attorney for review;

Directing Larry Bartelson to contact Ace for help in getting the tennis court refurbished in time for the tennis season;

Hearing of a proposed trip to St. James to view that citys generators which would allow residents to see a plant in action;

Agreeing to allow the library to post six new library parking signs at the library;

Setting a public hearing on a city business subsidiaries policy for June 9.

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