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Journal Writing Project - Who Knows What the Future May Hold

Tue, Apr 19th, 2011
Posted in Journal Student Writing Project

It was hard deciding on a topic that I would like to write on for my last article. After asking my family and some of my friends, they all told me to write on the same thing, my last few months of high school and what I plan on doing next year. Thinking about it, I knew that the topic WAS a lot of the other writers were writing about, but with some thought I realized everyone's story is different.

This past month has been crazy. I constantly have something going on. It feels like I have no time at all just to relax and take a breather. The craziness started before the fourth quarter of my senior year, because my class was getting ready for Mabel-Canton's Annual Turkey Dinner. Luckily, the dinner happened to be the weekend after the last day of the third quarter, so we got that next Monday off to relax.

Then, came the fourth quarter. Our teachers were telling us not to get "senioritis." I think only one teacher that senioritis doesn't exist and told us to just keep working like we had been the rest of the year. But, right now I don't think anyone in my class can even concentrate on school work because on Thursday, April 14, we head out to Washington D.C. for ten days.

Like I said, we leave on the 14 and we come back the 23, which is the day before Easter. It seems like every class we go to, teachers are asking us what we are looking forward to while we are on the trip. I think most of us are looking forward to the Gettysburg night walk, but also the boat cruise. I think what I'm really looking forward to is getting away and spending time with friends and classmates. This trip will be a great experience and will give us memories that will last a lifetime.

Two weeks after we get back from D.C. is the Junior- Senior Prom. Even though I don't plan on going to prom, I still plan on being there and watching as my friends go through the Grand March. Now, you are probably wondering why I'm not going to my senior prom. It seemed like all my friends were wondering. Well, the truth is I just don't want to spend all that money on hair, shoes, flowers, and not to mention the dress. To me, it's just not worth it. I could spend the money on a lot more useful things that I can use next year. Who knows, I might go to the post prom, and I can hang out with all my friends there.

A few weeks after prom, as crazy as it may seem, is graduation. It's the day that the seniors can't wait to come, but is also the day that some parents are dreading. Personally, I have been looking forward to graduation since middle school. Graduation has its ups and its downs. The upside is that for us seniors, we are done with high school, and for the teachers they don't have to deal with us anymore. The down side is that the Mabel-Canton Class of 2011 will be going its separate ways. I try to think of it as a farewell and not so much as a goodbye because I'm sure we'll be seeing each other, just not everyday like the past thirteen years. So ,to the Mabel-Canton Class of 2011, good luck with everything you choose todo!

As for me, I have decided to go to St. Mary's University of Minnesota in Winona. I plan on majoring in Human Services, and hopefully become some type of social worker.

Dacia Inglett is a student at Mabel-Canton High School. She is one of 10 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its twelfth year.

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