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Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
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Summons – Henry A. Becker and Jacqueline Becker

Fri, Nov 5th, 2004
Posted in Legals

State of Minnesota

County of fillmore

in district court

Third judicial District


Henry A. Becker and Jacqueline Becker, husband and wife,



John McGlohlin; Erik Rasmussin and wife; Erick Rasmussen and wife; Lars Dyresen and wife; Halver Dyresen; Charles Johnson; Julia G. Junde; John Johnson; M. Scanlan; C.G. Wykoff; Cyrus G. Wykoff and wife; Clark W. Thompson; Frederick A. Lane; Henry C. Kingsley; A.G. Chapman; H.C. Kingsley; Grosvenor S. Hubbard; George Ellis; E.N. Donaldson; George W. Douglas; John Paul and Abbie M. Paul, husband and wife; Lawrence Myers; Albon P. Mann; Rebecca C. Thompson; Thomas Cochran, Jr.; J. Peyton Boyle; Silas B. Walsh; O.G. Wall; Albon P. Man; Thos. Cochran; Oscar G. Wall; James M. Townsend; Matthew R. Myers; William B. Meikle; Jas. M. Townsend; O. Langlie and wife; Owen O’Hara; Peter Peterson and wife; P.A. Nelson; Mrs. Peter Peterson, Sr.; N.O. Henderson and Dina Henderson; Georgens Pederson; Georgine Pederson and Peder Pederson, wife and husband; Thomas Thompson; Ole Habberstad and Carie Habberstad, husband and wife; Peter A. Nelson and Florence E. Nelson, husband and wife; Samuel A. Nelson, a/k/a S.A. Nelson and Amanda Nelson, husband and wife; Thom Thompson and Hannah Thompson, husband and wife; Halver Habberstad and Mattie Habberstad, husband and wife; Seymore L. Fosse; Lucille A. Bearson and Benhard M. Bearson, wife and husband; Norlen O. Torgerson; Gilman E. Torgerson; Donald D. Torgerson; Southern Minnesota Railroad Company; The Lanesboro Produce Co.; John Paul Lumber Company; Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company, n/k/a CMC Real Estate Corporation, a/k/a CMC Heartland Partners; L. Lamb Lumber Co.; Interior Lumber Company; Buchholz Builders Supply Company; Fullerton Lumber Company; Fillmore Cooperative Service; Lanesboro Grain Company, Inc.; Robert W. Roberts and Korlyn A. Roberts, husband and wife; Rick Lamon, a/k/a Richard Lamon, and Cheryl Lamon, husband and wife; also the unknown heirs of the aforesaid persons and all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, interest, estate or lien in the real estate described in the Complaint herein,



You are herby summoned and required to serve upon Plaintiff’s attorney an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within twenty (20) days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint.

This action involves, affects, or brings in question real property situated in the County of Fillmore, State of Minnesota, described as follows:

That part of Lots 7, 8, and the west 10 feet of Lot 9, all in Block 4 of the City of Lanesboro, described as follows:

Beginning at a point 22 feet south of the northwest corner of said Lot 7 on the west line of Block 4 and intersecting the north right of way of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad; thence South 00 degrees 28 minutes 56 seconds West (assumed bearing) along said west line of Block 4 for a distance of 23.08 feet; thence South 75 degrees 52 minutes 45 seconds East, 113.19 feet to the east line of the west 10 feet of said Lot 9; thence North 00 degrees 28 minutes 56 seconds East along said east line, 62.00 feet to the north line of said Lot 9; thence North 89 degrees 55 minutes 49 seconds West along said north line, 10.00 feet to the northeast corner of said Lot 8; thence South 00 degrees 28 minutes 56 seconds East along the east line of said Lot 8 for a distance of 8.00 feet; thence North 89 degrees 55 minutes 49 seconds West, parallel with the north line of said Lot 8, for a distance of 50.00 feet to the west line of said Lot 8; thence South 74 degrees 27 minutes 28 seconds West, 52.02 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING.

Said parcel contains 5321 square feet more or less.

Said parcel is subject to a right of way easement for Hwy No. 250 along the northerly side thereof and to any other easements or encumbrances of record.

The object of this action is to determine that the Defendants have no right, title, estate, interest or lien in or on the above described real property.

NOTICE OF NO PERSONAL CLAIMNo personal claim is made against any of the Defendants in the above-entitled matter.

Dated: 8/9/04

s/ Timothy A. Murphy

Timothy A. Murphy, #76594

Attorney for Plaintiffs

110 East Main Street

Caledonia, MN 55921


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