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Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
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Journal Writing Project - Choosing your path

Fri, May 13th, 2011
Posted in Journal Student Writing Project

As my junior year at Lanesboro High School comes to a close, I observe the events of the class of 2011: scholarship banquets, baccalaureate, graduation, discussion of final summer plans, and freshmen year college anticipation. Taking in these events from a junior's perspective is an eye-opening realization of how fast time passes, and how soon I will have to make inevitable decisions on which direction I plan to take for my future. Graduating from high school, choosing where I'd like to go to college, and picking a college major is really only the starting point.

Since my sophomore year, I've been more frequently hearing the theme from teachers and peers that "it's never too early to begin thinking about your future." School administration has also been working to guide students into college preparatory classes, giving myself and other students a preview of what we'll see in the future. Through the years, along with my classmates, I've been developing goal-setting skills that will aid in achieving future success.

In my junior year, some big steps and transitions have been made. Scheduled college visits, college fairs, and an uncountable number of academic mailings have led me to conclude that there isn't much time left in this stage of my life. Also, any other student who has taken the ACT examination would probably agree completely that they could find at least about 100 better ways to spend their time. Sure, in a broad view, one can probably easily say that there is a little more than a year left before I graduate, roughly 380 days, one school year, or any calculated time unit that one wishes to use. This could be considered a plentiful amount of time in some people's opinion. However, after this year, I've seen firsthand how fast it really goes by.

I'd like to conclude by congratulating the Class of 2011 on their many achievements over their high school careers as they approach graduation. With many bright futures ahead, each of them will be choosing their path that will ultimately lead them through the many challenges they will face and that will ultimately lead them to success. Finally, choosing your path does not only apply to those graduating from high school or college. Anyone has the power to change the direction in which he is headed in his future.

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