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Summary of Minutes-February 8, 2005 County Board Meeting

Fri, Mar 4th, 2005
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Summary of Minutes

February 8, 2005 County Board Meeting

The Fillmore County Board met in regular session in Room 108 in the Fillmore County Office Building in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, County Attorney, Auditor, other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Board:

RESOLUTION 2005-015: Reduce retainage and authorize payment of $5,080.12 to Griffin Construction for Project SAP #23-640-01

RESOLUTION 2005-016:Reduce retainage and authorize payment of $11,701.95 to Griffin Construction for project SAP #23-640-02

RESOLUTION 2005-017:Reduce retainage and authorize payment of $6,307.96 to Griffin Construction for project SAP #23-640-03

RESOLUTION 2005-018:Reduce retainage and authorize payment of $63,306.94 to Griffin Construction for project SAP #23-640-04

The Board approved the following agenda items:

•the amended agenda.

•the following Consent Agenda:

1.February 1, 2005 County Board minutes.

2.One-day liquor license for Eagle Bluff for Saturday, April 9, 2005.

3.Payment of $200.00 to Preston Fire Department for courthouse alarm.

4.2003 Financial Statement for publication.

5.One-day liquor license for B&B Bowl at Eagle Bluff on May 21, 2005.

•Change Order of $394.05 with K-B Interiors for courthouse window treatments for 22 returns.

•payment of $6,488.87 to K-B Interiors for purchase and installation of courthouse blinds.

•accepted Sheriff Jim Connolly’s resignation, effective April 29, 2005.

•appoint Daryl Jensen as Sheriff, effective April 29, 2005.

•award 2005 County fuel needs to low bidder Hovey Oil Co. at low bid based on estimated units.

•agreement with Simplex for annual fire alarm system inspection at courthouse for $350.00.

•carryover from 2004 to 2005 budget of Criminal Justice funds for District Court for computer equipment.

•purchase of a server rack at low quote of $3,833.42 from GovConnection.

•additional cost of $1,464.38 for purchase of a server for Recorder from Gov Connection.

•purchase two computers for $419.95, plus $88.63 tax, each to be used as public terminals.

•authorize Cooper to send Rural Addressing maps and documentation to ProWest on February 14th.

•grant authority to County Attorney to proceed with negotiations with Aquila.

•denied request from Local #49, Highway, for double time pay on New Year’s Day.

•deny request for $6,000.00 that is being withheld for work on courthouse project from Kane & Johnson.

•additional $1,080.00 with Morem Electric for additional outlets and switches.

The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved:


Vendor Name, Description Amount

Amsan Brissman-Kennedy, supplies$455.95

Aquila, gas$1,987.68

Auto License Bureau, tabs$103.50

Baker, Jan, auto expense$138.91

Blagsvedt, Cindy, mileage$240.57

Bob Barker Co., supplies$358.09

D.S. Electric Supply, Inc., repairs$316.80

Evavold, Sharon, auto expense$160.78

Fillmore County Treasurer, registration fees$100.00

Goodhue County ADC, services$5,551.10

Harmony Repair Service, fuel$109.50

Hemocue, Inc., supplies$186.38

IBM Corporation, equipment lease$1,966.25

Kiehne, David, mileage$260.82

Kinnear, Sharon, auto expense$152.28

Kruegel, Vicki, auto expense$107.73

Martin, Debra, auto expense$175.77

MCCC, services$1,764.00

McLeod USA, telephone$296.15

Melver, Paula, auto expense$154.66

Metro Sales, Inc., copier contract$166.25

Metro Star Computer Center, copier contract$124.61

MN Dept. of Administration, telephone$625.61

Musselman, Kristen L., auto expense$137.70

Office Depot, supplies$289.50

Olmsted Medical Center, supplies$268.00

Peterson Motors, Inc., repairs$120.00

Pierce, Patricia, bailiff expenses$149.91

Pierce, Robert E., bailiff expenses$176.11

Preston Foods, supplies$176.08

Quill Corporation, supplies$251.79

Rasmussen, Barbara, auto expense$105.30

Ray O’Herron Co., Inc., equipment purchase$4,992.08

Stevens, Lantha, auto expense$162.81

Streicher’s, equipment$642.15

U.S. Postmaster, services$150.00

Uniforms Unlimited, Inc., supplies$255.60

Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP, services$2,639.00

Vrieze, Kenneth, access permit refund$150.00

Wangen, Kim, auto expense$179.82

Wanless, Bernard, services$200.00

Wentworth, Lesa, auto expense$186.90

Winona Heating & Ventilation, repairs$184.50

TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$26,920.64

TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (29 bills - not listed)$1,255.90



Vendor Name, Description Amount

Fillmore County Treasurer, postage, services$681.12

LaCrosse Truck Center, Inc., parts$991.25

Manahan Machine Shop, Inc., labor$352.19

Office Depot, supplies$317.77

Pederson Bros. of Harmony, Inc., rock$700.79

Preston Auto Parts, parts$192.48

Virchow, Krause & Company, Inc., services$1,715.00

Wenthold, Heath, supplies$100.00

Widseth, Smith, Nolting & Associates, services$846.00

TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$5,896.60

TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (10 bills - not listed)$204.30



Vendor Name, Description Amount

Corporate Express, supplies$377.36

Office Depot, supplies$23.78

Preston Auto Parts, supplies$25.82



Vendor Name, Description Amount

Dornink, Kent, mileage$8.10

Eickhoff, Donald, mileage$8.91

Hatleli, Gordon R., mileage$23.49

Schmidt, Dan, mileage$8.10

Turner, Greg, mileage$11.34


The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566.

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