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Sunday, December 4th, 2016
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Food for Life - 1/2/12

Thu, Dec 29th, 2011
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Kids and Eating

When you have kids, what to feed them is an issue from the moment they are born. Parents spend hours worrying about and researching the right thing to feed their child. Breast milk or formula? When do I start solid foods? Why won't my kid eat? Are they getting enough?

I have worried about my children's nutrition just like any other mother. But like most parents, the more kids you have, the less you worry. I ran my first baby to the doctor every time he coughed. By the time my third came along, my attitude was, "Meh, she's fine." You learn so much as you go along. I feel bad for first children, as they are pretty much the practice ones.

All of my children are different when it comes to food. Two of them are not fussy. But then I have a son on the autism spectrum, and he will eat about five things on the planet, and none of them is a vegetable. This has caused me years of worrying about his health, and I still worry every day. But we do the best we can. That's all any parent can do.

There are many days that my kids eat less than perfect. But I have learned to not stress too much about it, because the overall picture is much more important. I try to make meals that I know they enjoy, and that also contain things that are nutritious for them. I try to make snacks that are healthy (try being the operative word here). It works best for my six-year-old daughter. When we are riding in the van and she cries out, "I'm hungry!" I like to hand her an apple or banana. This usually satisfies her for a little while. And even though they do eat junk food sometimes and love to get treats, I know they are also getting the good stuff.

I made this soup a couple of weeks ago and was blown away at how great it was. It is also unbelievably nutritious, and perfect for the cold winter weather and for fighting off illness. The quinoa provides protein, the black beans are loaded with iron, the carrots and zucchini are rich in vitamins, and the kale...oh, the kale.

After stuffing my face full of everything sugar this holiday season, my body is absolutely craving leafy greens and fresh fruit. I have fallen off the eat-right wagon, like most people this time of year, and I need to get back on. It's crazy how a person can mindlessly fall into bad habits. I have strayed from my usual path and have resorted to eating anything in front of me that contains chocolate. My low point hit when a Hershey's Kiss fell on the floor and I picked it up, dusted it off, and ate it. I am not proud of this.

It's time to get back on track for all of us. It can be done. I can remember how delicious things are that do not contain sugar. I can train my body to quit craving it. I can remember how alive and fresh and energized I feel when I eat meals like this.

This recipe is adapted from Angela Liddon, who has a food blog called Oh She Glows at www.ohsheglows.com.

When Grace tried this she said, "Mmm, kale. I like kale," and I cried little tears of joy.

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