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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016
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RRED Superintendent’s Meeting April 11, 2005 Minutes

Fri, May 20th, 2005
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RRED Superintendent’s meeting

April 11, 2005 Minutes

Meeting called to order. Present were Myrna Luehmann, Rick Lamon, Greg Ehresmann, Jim Busta, Phil Minkkinen and Mary Rae. Agenda items were reviewed and M. Luehmann moved to approve. P. Minkkinen seconded and it was approved. Minutes of the March 2005 meeting were reviewed and discussed. R. Lamon moved to approve with a second by G. Ehresmann and were accepted.

The Day Treatment program was discussed. The concern is that the narrow parameters of the program significantly limit enrollment in the program. It is designed for children with severe mental disorders and requires that the children participate in three hours of mental health activities each day. The group requested that a scenario that varied the parameters be presented at the next meeting. At this time, it appears that there will only be 4 students in the program in the fall. Also the agreement between RRED, Zumbro Valley Mental Health Services, Fillmore County Social Services and Fillmore County Family Services was discussed. Specifics of the contract will be scrutinized at the next meeting. The flow of money from the Collaborative to the Mental Health Center and to the districts will be looked into at the next meeting.

The makeup session of Kansas Learning Strategies of Letter Mnemonics (cancelled due to snowstorm in March) was held on April 8, 2005 with a session on Math Skills is planned for May 11, 2005.

The progress on the Early Risers program was presented by M. Luehmann. The University of Minnesota has committed to providing each of the districts $10,000 for start up activities currently and will continue that amount per district for the following three years being August of 2005. Fillmore Central will serve as the fiscal agent and the expenses will be funneled through the district for reimbursement from the University. The matter of an administrative fee was brought up and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Budget proposals for 2005-2006 were presented. Use of carryover funds was questioned as the new law may allow more freedom in using federal money in early intervention activities not restricted to students enrolled in special education programs.

The EBD Consultant, Martha Simpson, will present her views on Tuesday, April 12 to administration and staff of the RRED districts. Administrative credits have been obtained for the morning presentation.

Replacements for personnel without appropriate licensing were discussed. An RRED Board meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2005 to finalize actions on those items. The contract for the Vision Impaired services is being reviewed.

Approximately 70 files of case managers in the RRED districts were reviewed. The primary objectives were to review summaries of the present level of performance, ensuing totals, IEP and evaluation dates and the accompanying due process items. On the whole, the files were adequate. Errors were discussed with staff when possible. Feedback was also given to staff whose files contained thorough and well integrated levels of performance and appropriate goals. The group requested that the Director summarize the results of each building and get that information to the building administrator. The next cycle of monitoring will begin next school year thus it is important that staff be diligent in their efforts to comply with due process requirements. Normally a monitor only reviews materials from the last three years unless there is some indication of a deficit in the file that warrants a more comprehensive inspection. In that event, the monitor will go back to “day one” in the file to assure that all requirements have been met.

Meeting adjourned.

Future meeting date: May 9, 2005; June 13, 2005.

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