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Summary of Minutes October 11, 2005 County Board Meeting

Fri, Oct 28th, 2005
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Summary of MinutesOctober 11, 2005 County Board Meeting

The Fillmore County Board met in regular session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, County Attorney, Auditor, other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Board:RESOLUTION 2005-063:Increase in Public Health Fees

The Board approved the following agenda items:•the amended agenda.•the following amended Consent Agenda:1.October 4, 2005 County Board minutes.2.Final (#7) payment of $656.65 to Bartley Sales Co. for materials only for Courthouse Addition and remodeling. 3.2004 Financial Statement for publication. 4.Payment Application #4 of $25,939.29 to Hiller Flooring for Courthouse Addition and remodeling.•increase hours to a total estimated maximum of 30 hours per week for Rockne West to assist with individual septic treatment system inspections to complete the pilot project. •awarded high bid of $681.77 for Law Enforcement garage to Larry Hunt.•accept donation of a family memorial of a bench at Bucksnort Park.•Revolving Loan Program Policy.•accept a bid not to exceed $36,905.00 from Diamond Shelter Sales for a salt shed and authorized 50% down payment.•quotation of $1,175.00 from Gjere Construction, Inc. to install three drains, to make three holes through retaining walls by courthouse with tile along sidewalk and to cover with clean rock.

The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved:REVENUE FUNDVendor Name, Description AmountAquila, gas$158.66Association of MN Counties, services$7,600.00Baker, Jan, auto expense$253.65Bear Graphics, Inc., forms$322.41Beckleys, repairs$191.74Blagsvedt, Cindy, mileage$133.82Bremseth, Kim, auto expense$335.86CCP Industries, Inc., supplies$187.31Centurytel, telephone$926.04Computer Professionals Unlimited, computer consultant expenses$2,903.11Corporate Express, supplies$767.40Creative Forms & Concepts, Inc., supplies$279.46Dept. of Public Safety - State of Minnesota, services$390.00Evavold, Sharon, auto expense$268.20Fillmore County Journal, advertising$302.90Fillmore County Treasurer, supplies, other travel expense$930.54Hansen, Stafford, mileage$360.04Harmony Repair Service, gasoline$230.00Himec Building Trust & Solutions, services$303.00Horihan, Fred, mileage$219.22IBM Corporation, equipment lease$407.55Kiehne, David, mileage$159.57MAAO, registration fee$130.00MACFO, registration fees$130.00MCCC, services$3,159.99Melver, Paula, auto expense$331.22Merkel, Michael & Michelle, state grant$300.00MN Office of Enterprise Technology, telephone$621.53Office Depot, supplies$194.67Pacific Bancnote Co., LLC., forms$185.00Peters, Tina, auto expense, other travel expense$222.07Preston Auto Parts, oil and repairs$221.75Preston Fire Department, services$378.08Preston Foods, supplies$175.95Psychology Services of Southern MN, LLC, services$1,000.00Rasmussen, Barbara, auto and other travel expense$613.38Rasmussen, Donna, mileage, supplies, registration fees$111.22Rollie, Ellen, auto expense, supplies$279.48Schindler Elevator Corp., services$560.00Stevens, Lantha, auto expense$185.51Univ. of MN- Fiscal & Accounting Services, services$6,814.83Winona Heating & Ventilating, services$733.02TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$33,978.18TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (25 bills - not listed)$1,295.89TOTAL REVENUE FUND $35,274.07

ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description AmountDunn Blacktop Co., Inc., bit patching$433.24Fillmore County Treasurer, other travel expense, gasoline$754.42G & K Services, supplies$108.44Hammell Equipment, Inc., parts$603.07Hanson Tire Service, Inc., parts, labor$1,450.90Hovey Oil Co., Inc., fuel$2,074.40I State Truck Center, equipment purchase$167,481.00Milestone Materials, Inc., rock$201.65Pederson Bros. of Harmony, Inc., rock$748.80Scharf Auto Supply, Inc., parts$884.89United Laboratories, supplies$373.17Universal Truck Equipment, Inc., parts, equipment purchase$62,190.16TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$237,304.14TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (7 bills - not listed$254.36TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $237,558.50

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY FUND Vendor Name, Description AmountEickhoff, Donald, mileage$10.67Hatleli, Gordon R., mileage$28.13Novotny, Francis L., mileage$16.49Turner, Greg, mileage$19.40TOTAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY FUND$74.69

The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566.

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