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Tuesday, December 6th, 2016
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Summary of Minutes December 27, 2005 County Board Meeting

Fri, Jan 6th, 2006
Posted in Legals

Summary of MinutesDecember 27, 2005 County Board Meeting

The Fillmore County Board met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, County Attorney, Auditor, other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Board:RESOLUTION 2005-073:HAVA Equipment Plan (on file in Auditor/Treasurer’s Office)RESOLUTION 2005-074:HAVA grant for Assistive Voting Systems (on file in Auditor/Treasurer’s Office)RESOLUTION 2005-075:HAVA grant for Optical Scanning machines (on file in Auditor/Treasurer’s Office)RESOLUTION 2005-076:State Auditor’s Office to repeal Social Services mandate

The Board approved the following agenda items:•the amended agenda.•remove December 13, 2005 minutes from Consent Agenda•the following amended Consent Agenda:2.Overnight stay for Zoning Administrator to attend Shoreland and Individual Septic Treatment Systems training sessions in St. Cloud. 3.Signature of Certificate of Appreciation for Donald Eickhoff for years of service on Economic Development Authority.4.Payment to SE MN Development Corporation of $5,481.00 for work on Comprehensive Plan update.•amend December 13, 2005 County Board minutes as follows: There was consensus of Board members that “Corson should do the work ‘as his office has had since July to do the work and should do so’ as soon as possible.”•December 13, 2005 County Board minutes as amended.•transfer $917,412.90 from Building Fund to Courthouse Capital Improvement Funds to close out Courthouse Capital Improvement Fund.•transfer $364,100.00 from sale of County farm from Revenue Fund to Building Fund.•accepted low quote of $2,687.20 for a workstation from Corporate Express for GIS Coordinator.•purchase of an additional server for Exchange email system at $8,965.09.•payment of tuition at $949.00 to New Horizons of Northern and Western Wisconsin and related Access training costs for Sandra Underbakke, PC/Network Technician.•DMC Change Order for a contract deduction in sum of $1,750.00 due to courthouse lower level carpet damage.•four-year appointment of Deborah Teske, as replacement Veteran Services Officer/Emergency Management Services Director, effective February 1, 2006 at Grade 7/Step 1 with continued service beyond one year being contingent on successful completion of that one year probationary period and becoming certified as a Minnesota Veteran Services Officer.•semi-annual payment schedule for Soil and Water Conservation District appropriation. •appropriate $1,056.10 to Southern MN Tourism Association for 2006.•appropriate $1,000.00 to SE MN Initiative Fund for 2006.•appropriate $1,056.10 to Historic Bluff Country for 2006.•appropriate $170,000.00 to SELCO for 2006 in accordance with agreement.•appropriate $500.00 to Caregiver Advocacy Program (Social Services), $750.00 to RSVP (Social Services), $750.00 to Semcac Volunteer Driver (Revenue), and $1,500.00 to Senior Nutrition Program (Revenue) for 2006.•appropriate $45,800.00 (including insurance reimbursement) to Historical Society for 2006.•appropriate $750.00 for Memorial Day for 2006.•appropriate $32,600.00 (including insurance reimbursement) to Ag Society for 2006.•appropriate $1,000.00 to Bluff Country HRA for 2006.

The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved:REVENUE FUNDVendor Name, DescriptionAmountAl Larson & Sons Plumbing & Heating, supplies$259.20American Solutions for Business, forms, postage$6,425.95Ameripride Linen & Apparel Services, services$265.87Amunrud, Chuck, mileage$165.39ARM Registration Office, registration fee$100.00Association of Minnesota Counties, registration fees$1,950.00Avaya, Inc., service agreement$352.24Baarsgard, Dale, ISTS Grant$300.00Blagsvedt, Cindy, mileage$133.86Bob Barker Co., supplies$120.73Bratager, Marilyn, services$100.00Champ Software, Inc., services$6,350.16Christensen, Valerie, bailiff expenses$177.91Corporate Express, supplies$120.64Creative Forms & Concepts, Inc., supplies$299.82Dahl, Randy, mileage$233.77Earl F. Anderson & Associates, Inc., sign posts$38,035.61Essig Agency, insurance$1,560.00Evers, Royal, ISTS Grant$300.00Fillmore County Journal, advertising$175.00Fillmore County Public Health, supplies$2,340.00Fillmore County Treasurer, fuel, labor$3,703.87Fillmore County Treasurer, other travel expense$600.68Frontier Precision, Inc., services$400.00Gossman, Jason & Lori, ISTS Grant$300.00Harmony Repair Service, gas$194.50Haug, Wayne, ISTS grant$300.00Hemocue, Inc., supplies$178.92Horihan, Fred, mileage$126.10Ikon Financial Services, copier maintenance$202.35Kelly Printing & Signs, supplies$853.94Kiehne, David, mileage$270.15Kinnear, Sharon, auto expense$280.33Krahn, Karol, auto expense$113.49Martin, Debra, auto expense$248.32MCBE Company, supplies$586.92Medical Products Labs, supplies$820.92Metro Star Computer Center, copier contract$124.61Miller, Larry & Margaret, ISTS Grant$300.00Musselman, Kristen L., auto expense$177.51Nagel, Gary & Kathleen, Ists Grant$300.00Nagle, Fred, Ists Grant$300.00Norby-Tienter, Lisa, auto expense$308.70Office Depot, supplies$196.20Olmsted County Public Health Services, services$105.00Ostrem, Mark A., services$498.75Preston Auto Parts, repairs, supplies$155.12Pro-West & Associates, Inc., services$12,192.50Quill Corporation, supplies$1,091.29Radisson Riverfront Hotel, other travel expense$1,758.49Republican-Leader-News-Record, advertising$521.12Rieland, Darwin & Mary, ISTS Grant$300.00Roeder, Karen, ISTS Grant$300.00Schilling Supply Company, supplies$424.47Spring Valley Tribune and Bluff Country Reader, advertising$291.76Stahnke, Jon and Sheila, ISTS grant$300.00Streicher’s, supplies$139.46Team Distributing, supplies$558.03Tri-County Publishing, Inc., advertising$254.80United Laboratories, supplies$248.77Univ. of MN - Fiscal and Accounting, services$13,629.66Univ. of MN Extension Service, publications$125.70Vis Plumbing & Heating, Inc., services$749.24Wangen, Kim, auto expense$140.17Wanless, Bernard, services$250.00West Payment Center, reference materials$1,140.85Wilson, John, ISTS grant$300.00TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$106,128.84TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (45 bills - not listed)$2,079.02TOTAL REVENUE FUND $108,207.86

BUILDING FUNDVendor Name, Description AmountJohnson Construction, repairs$100.00TOTAL BUILDING FUND $100.00

ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description AmountAssociation of MN Counties, registration fees$325.00Fastenal Company, supplies$119.31Frontier Precision, Inc., equipment purchase$6,384.68Grindeland, John, registration fee, mileage, other travel expense$300.07Haugstad Construction, Inc., machinery rental$1,200.00Hotsy Cleaning Equipment, equipment purchase$5,419.68Hovey Oil Co., Inc., fuel$18,382.84Jones, Haugh & Smith, Inc., plats$1,000.00Milestone Materials, Inc., rock $3,986.30Morem Electric, Inc., services$2,450.00National Association of County Engineers, registration fees$400.00Office Depot, supplies$473.47Pederson Bros. of Harmony, Inc., rock$2,398.97Radisson Riverfront Hotel St., other travel expense$305.31Ronco Engineering Co., Inc., parts, supplies$1,068.73State of MN, services$766.29Univ. of MN - College of Continuing Education, registration fees$270.00Universal Truck Equipment, Inc., supplies, equipment purchase$117,853.45Vis Plumbing & Heating, Inc., services$13,997.64TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $100 (listed above)$177,101.74TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $100 (13 bills - not listed)$441.32TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $177,543.06

SANITATION FUND Vendor Name, Description AmountFillmore County Treasurer, gas$251.96Preston Auto Parts, repairs$163.51Preston Iron Works & Truck Repair, supplies$538.75Republican-Leader-News Record, advertising$154.00Tri-County Publishing, Inc., advertising$70.00TOTAL SANITATION FUND $1,178.22

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITYVendor Name, Description AmountEickhoff, Donald, mileage$10.67Hatleli, Gordon R., mileage$28.13Turner, Greg, mileage$25.22TOTAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY$64.02

The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566.

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