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Sunday, December 11th, 2016
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Legislative survey doesnt inspire confidence

Fri, Feb 24th, 2006
Posted in Commentary

In todays mail I received a 2006 Legislative Survey from Representative Greg Davids who says he appreciates my opinion. Lets hope he appreciates this.

1.Would you support an effort to use a portion of Minnesotas budget surplus to give property relief to Minnesota residents?

No, Greg! I would support fair property taxation and legislators, such as yourself, spending the money weve already sent you as prudently as you can. Then you wont have to come back year after year and raise the values on our properties all the while claiming youre not raising taxes. Were on to it!

2.Do you support legislation requiring that school districts target 70 percent of their funding to the classroom?

No, they are already confused enough. Cut the red tape, bureaucracy, and 700 metric tons of reports and paperwork the state requires on a daily basis. Then they might have time and money for the classroom.

3.Do you support measures to provide tax credits to assist immigrants toward becoming citizens?

No. Paying taxes is as American as it gets. Like most other Americans, if they want it they have to pay for it. Might as well get used to it right away.

4.Do you support measures to bond (borrow) money or increase taxes to build and maintain roads?

No. You have enough money. Quit spending it on bureaucracy and management and start spending it on what it was intended for. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Good advice for politicians.

5.The federal Clean Water Act requires Minnesota to improve the surface water quality. Would you approve a water fee on homes and businesses to fund the $80 million state clean up program?

No. Divert the $79 million you currently spend on integration programs for Minnesota schools. This isnt the deep south. If a child lives in the district, he goes to school in the district unless he or she picks up the tab to go elsewhere.

6.Would you vote to limit Minnesotas definition of marriage to only between one man and one woman?

No. Any man who wants more than one wife doesnt need a vote, he needs his head examined. What kind of stupid question is that anyway, and how does interfering in a persons personal business help fix the highways, fund education, or remove Minnesota from the top five taxed states in the country?

7.Do you support laws that would limit the power of the state and local governments have to seize property for others private use?

YES. But you guys IN government gave yourselves this right in the first place. Repeal that pink - o - commie law and move on.

8.Do you support the Twins most recent stadium proposal, where the cost would be paid by a sales tax increase in Hennepin County only and no state funds are involved?

Sounds like a Hennepin County question. Do you represent Hennepin county now? The state has too many other priorities to address before teaming up with the Twins. I thought they won two world series in the Metro Dome? Why mess with success? If you want a stadium use your money and leave mine alone.

9.Do you support new stadiums for (check all that apply):

Twins? No see previous answer.

Vikings? Same deal as the Twins.

Gophers? I didnt know the Metro Dome had em. Call Orkin!

You were elected to oversee the running of the state. If you support new stadiums then every Minnesotan who pays taxes had better see some free tickets in their next state tax mailing.

10.To promote more widespread use of E85, would you support the state subsidizing the installation of E85 pumps throughout Minnesota?

Hey there Big Dog, we already do! I think the oil companies made enough profits this past year to put their own pumps in. What is it with politicians and subsidies? Cant the free market system survive anymore? Capitalism works better than socialism. Didnt you get the memo?

Im still a dyed in the wool conservative, but I am not a kool aid drinker. I dont care which side of the political aisle youre standing on. You have a responsibility to every taxpayer to protect and spend wisely their hard earned money which they have entrusted to your care.

Nothing in this Legislative Survey inspires much confidence. It appears legislators perceive the money we send them as nothing more than numbers. Every citizen who cashes his or her pay check understands full well money represents the limits of their resources and to some extent affects the quality of their lives. Anyone in elected office would do a service to their constituents if they remember this as well.

Bruce Langseth lives in Houston, Minn.

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