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Victim: Put your bad experience to good use by speaking out

Fri, Apr 21st, 2006
Posted in Commentary

On September 17, 2005, at the age of fifteen, I became a victim. I was approached by a complete stranger, a 26 year old married man and father. I was all alone and had nowhere to go when this man took away my trust and safety. I was a victim of an attempted kidnapping and rape. This man only cared about himself and no one else that day. This man tried to commit these serious crimes by using me as a victim, but I was able to escape his imprisonment. I was saved by a man that I thought was sent by God. After he had driven past the site where I was held, and I had noticed my hero drive by, I grabbed the grass for so much strength to get out of that ditch and run for my freedom and safety; because I was saved, I now look at myself as the hero who has put this evil man away from hurting and scarring someone elses life.After the incident, my life changed a great deal. I no longer had trust in people. I didnt leave my house at all. I hardly spoke any words for the first two to three weeks after the incident. I became constantly scared of everything everywhere. It was very hard to bring myself to come to school after it had happened. At school I felt little support and comfort. I hated being around anyone that I wasnt very close with, like teachers or the other kids in my class. I was constantly restless and always nervous. All I wanted to do was curl up into the tightest ball I could and just sit there in some corner of a room, or under my moms arms. Our house doors were constantly locked and I was having constant nightmares with this man present in them and I became afraid of the dark.I did not sleep in my own bedroom at all, I slept on the couch in our living room, and still do sometimes. But I am gradually trying to sleep in my own room now, with several nightlights on. My moods also became very unpredictable and I felt that no one understood any of my feelings. I am slowly healing in some parts, but I will always be scarred in the parts that dont heal. I am also very thankful for my life, and for the people in it for helping me through this. I appreciate those who have cared for me even though I am a complete stranger to them. It gives me faith in our law enforcement and judicial systems when they keep these predators off of societys streets, and give people like me a chance to heal. I encourage anyone who is ever a victim to always step up, speak the truth, tell someone, and put your bad experience to good use by helping someone else who needs your confidence. Please, dont ever blame yourself and dont ever be afraid to tell someone - because remember, by doing so, you are probably saving someone elses life.

The author of this story lives in Canton.

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