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Monday, November 30th, 2015
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Sue's Muse - 1/19/12

Fri, Jan 6th, 2012
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New Year's Resolution

The calendar has flipped over to 2012 and with it my thoughts have turned to New Year's Resolutions. A whole host of possible resolutions come to mind. Right up there on the list is losing weight, a goal of half the population, or so it would seem. I have to admit the cookies on the counter have called my name often over the holidays, boasting all that momentary "feel good" serotonin. A friend went on a "half diet" last year, eating half as much of everything. It seems worth a try for health reasons, if nothing else. A whole host of problems attack us with that extra weight, including diabetes, and higher risks for cancer.

This brings me to another resolution, to live a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising more. I look longingly at my recumbent bike, my beautiful red Peninger, the means of many healthy excursions last year. Now it's time to haul out the stationary exercise bike, though there's not much in the way of fresh air on this trip and the scenery is pretty boring. There's no lush landscape or birdsong on this ride. The breathing and yoga tape near the TV is so relaxing I feel like rolling over on the floor and falling asleep on the spot after using it. The problem is the tape seems to spend more time in the drawer than in the DVD slot. I vow to take a yoga class this year, as working out with others is an incentive to stick with it. I fondly remember the yoga class I took from an East Indian religion when we lived in Denver. The members wore white, taught us yoga and the proper way to chant. Afterwards we were served a tasty organic snack and allowed to ask questions. I remember that they believed in massaging their babies, an idea that still sounds calming. I feel peaceful even thinking back to this whole experience.

Throw, throw, throw is another theme for the year. Throwing feels good and I definitely do not want my children to have to clean out truckloads of stuff as we have had to do with depression-era, save everything parents. The trouble is I always throw something I didn't know I couldn't live without until later. From a former column, you already know I didn't inherit the organization genes in my family.

According to reports on preventing Alzheimer's, we should try something new and outside our comfort zone, like using your left hand instead of your right. I don't know about this idea, but I have vowed to try new recipes, instead of cooking the same tried and true, go-to recipes in my file or in my head. As I browse the seed catalogs, I'd like to try a new plant. I think of my friend, Opal, who always tried a different and sometimes exotic plant each year.

Many possible goals are people-oriented, such as calling my relatives more. I know I could Facebook most of them, but get confused about "writing on the wall", as I wouldn't want to say anything personal, which is the whole point in my opinion. I'd like to get my girlfriends together more often, as friends are fun and an important part of mental health, attributes we all need in winter in Minnesota. Smiling at people you see, and keeping a positive attitude will add to the "good vibes" in your life. I love the whole concept of random acts of kindness. Not only would this idea be a worthwhile resolution, but if you ask the recipient to pass it on, imagine the ripple effect it might make across our communities.

Trying to be more "green" is a good goal for all of us, as we are stewards of our earth, and we should take care of it. After all, we are just borrowing this space for our time on earth, and it is considered very bad manners to destroy borrowed property.

My favorite goal is to write more, something I like to do anyway. A class I took on writing your memoirs was an inspiration; something definitely needed in the winter brain freeze ahead. If anyone has a writing class in their future, please let me know.

Although all of these resolutions are worth keeping in mind, I know the resolution I will make this year in 2012. I will vow to have more fun. This resolution I can keep, will sometimes involve friends, put a smile on my face, and will definitely make my attitude more positive!

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