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Zoning Commission approves two conditional use permits

Fri, Jul 21st, 2006
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PRESTON - On July 20, 2006 the Fillmore County Zoning and Planning Commission approved two conditional use permits (CUP)s. Both conditional use permits will be sent to the County Board for final approval.

Carrolton Rock Quarry

Ron Gehling petitioned to renew a CUP to operate a rock quarry on a property located in Carrolton Township. The quarry is located in an agricultural district and is approximately three miles southwest of Lanesboro.

During the CUP's call for questions from the public, quarry neighbors Harlan and Kay Taylor and Glen Holtz expressed concern over possible damage to their wells and the noise it will cause. Five years ago, when the quarry was last used, Holtz experienced a lot of lime stone dust in his well water that lasted for about six weeks. He is concerned his well water is running directly underneath the quarry and that the blasting will cause damage to the water table. Additionally, Holtz asked if there was any way the he could be notified prior to when the quarry was scheduled to be blasted. Last time there was no notification, the noise can be very loud and unexpected if he and his family are unaware of when it will occur.

The Taylors also expressed concern over their well water and noise resulting from the quarry blasting. They felt that there may have been notification commitments that the quarry blasting company didn't comply with when it was last blasted. They also requested that they receive notification of when the blasting is scheduled to occur.

Administrator Norm Craig reported that since the quarry was last operational there was now permit language outlining a blasting company's responsibilities towards notifying neighbors. The company must send a letter to all neighbors located within a mile of the quarry property a year prior, or soon as possible, inquiring if the neighbor would like to be notified about their blasting activity. If the neighbor replies in writing that they request notification, the company must let them know of any blasts at least ten days beforehand.

Commission members also discussed requiring the company to measure seismograph activity and sample the well water before and after the blasting activity on all wells located within a mile of the quarry. In this way, any damage to the well structure and water will be able to be detected. Craig reported that all blasting companies are required to have liability insurance and this would cover any resulting damage.

After a brief discussion the commission approved the CUP with the conditions that they must adhere to the noise guidelines of the county, seismograph test and draw water samples for all neighbors that live within a mile of the quarry location.

Beaver Sand Pit

Ulland Bros., Inc. of Albert Lea petitioned to renew a CUP to operate a sand pit on property located in Beaver Township. The pit is located in an agricultural district and is approximately two miles northwest of Chester, Iowa.

For this permit there were no questions from the public. During the discussion, Duane Bakke asked if the permit had any conditions for granting the permit during its last application. Craig replied there were conditions concerning the topsoil that would be removed from the pit, its depth and its location to other property lines. For this permit it was noted that the pit would not be expanded but contained to its existing location, therefore the past conditions would not apply to this permit. Having no further discussion, the commission approved the CUP with no conditions.

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