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Monday, July 28th, 2014
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Ashamed of America’s citizens

Fri, Jul 18th, 2014
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I don’t understand how so much public outcry is simply ignored.

No wait, I do understand, it is much simpler to just go on with your routine life and not rock the boat, or to come to terms with the truth.

Most people will just immediately say, you’re nuts, without ever looking at the evidence.

9-11, the Twin Towers, most people you ask, how many buildings fell on 9-11, say two, but tower seven fell five hours later, perfectly into its footprint and symmetrical.

Why were no plane parts or luggage or body’s found at the Pentagon crash, or at the Pennsylvania crash site.

People need to wake up, get informed.

There are many places to find the truth and then spread the word and demand that our government do something.

Pilots For 911 Truth - Architect’s for 911 Truth - YouTube videos like Loose Change explain in detail the facts.

Your Goverment orchestrated that disaster and murdered innocent people, that is what I believe to be the truth.

Do you even know that after that event, Bush signed the Homeland Security Act? Sounds good, but that law allows them to come into your home at any time, WITHOUT A WARRANT, DETAIN YOU WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

We have lost more than lives because of this act.

It would only be right to educate yourselves to the truth and to do something about it before it’s to late.

I do not believe that anyone who watches a few of those documentaries, which lay out all the facts with expert testimony would believe it was only the terrorists.

I hope some people listen, and try to make change, I can’t expect others to do something if I don’t try myself.

Tom Frederick

Wykoff, MN

Health care and Obama care...

Fri, Feb 28th, 2014
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, Karen Reisner’s February 17 editorial acknowledged Obama Care is “not yet a work of perfection”. Kind of like saying the Captain of the Titanic made a “small error of judgment” by steaming at top speed through an area kno ..... 
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Letter about the Wykoff school...

Fri, Dec 27th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, I totally concur with the letter by Lynn Kidd in the December 23 edition regarding the closing of the school in Wykoff. I served from 1999-06 at principal/teacher at St. John Lutheran in Wykoff. We were very appreciative of the exce ..... 
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Who shut down the government?

Fri, Nov 15th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, Yvonne Nyenhuis recently posted a letter stating the Republicans caused the shutdown, thus causing Memorial sites in the D.C. area to be closed...along with all other federally controlled areas. What on earth is the rationale behind ..... 
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Letter about Illinois

Fri, Jun 14th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, A recent letter to the editor urged us to quit voting for conservative candidates. Only good things would happen if the Democrat party controls the system. There are no Republicans in positions of power in Illinois. Everything i ..... 
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Letter about rebuttal to the writer from Harmony

Fri, Apr 19th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, The April 15th Journal contains a letter critical of my recent factual analysis of the Obama/Biden gun control plan. The writer not only misrepresented my positions, but the letter was obviously meant to be insulting and demeaning ..... 
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Letter about the NRA

Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Letter to the Editor

Letter about the NRA To the Editor, A recent letter condemed the NRA for: 1) “Promoting a climate of fear of the government” 2) “Defining Liberty in terms of no restrictions on guns” The writer further stated: 3) “our ownership of gu ..... 
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