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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Guest Commentary: Obama/Biden Gun Control

Fri, Apr 5th, 2013
Posted in Wykoff Commentary

By Jeff Erding, Wykoff, MN

“ALL IN ALL, IT’S JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL” [from THE WALL by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, 1979]

You may be sick of the gun control debate, and I sure don’t blame you. You may be thinking: “This guy is obsessed with guns. It’s all he ever writes about. Can’t he ever write about another aspect of the Constitution?” Point well taken. I revere the entire Constitution. It’s just that right now, the debate is raging over the second amendment.

And what’s with this “Brick in the Wall” thing? What does that have to do with “common sense gun control?” The answer is EVERYTHING. Please read on to find out.

There are compelling arguments from citizens and politicians on both sides of the issue. Let’s take the main issues and analyze them carefully, leaving out emotions and hype and concentrating on facts and effectiveness. Only then can we understand the goals of the proposed legislation and decide if it deserves our support.

1] UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. Good idea, right? I mean, we need to know who is buying guns. Who in their right mind could object to that? Let’s look at what the proposed legislation would do.

[A] Accurately stated, background checks will never be universal. Criminals will ignore them and the MENTALLY ILL ARE NOT TO BE REPORTED ON THE DATABASE. Who is left? Law abiding citizens who will never use a gun illegally but will risk becoming a felon if they dare bequeath a family heirloom to a friend or family member without going through an onerous registration process. The proponents of the legislation are perfectly aware of this fact. Then what is the real purpose? REGISTRATION. Some people in government want to know, to the greatest possible extent, where every single gun is and who owns it. On the evening of the most recent presidential inauguration, Charles Shumer admitted to MSNBC the goal is “universal registration” of “guns and gun owners.” When asked during a TV interview about the ultimate goal of the proposed legislation she has authored in the past, Diane Fienstein has stated

“Regarding your guns, Mr. and Mrs. America, TURN THEM IN. Every one of them.”

[B] Rest assured my friends; serial killers, murderers, violent and petty criminals of every sort will turn out in droves to support the proposed universal background checks and the politicians who are .....
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