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Monday, May 4th, 2015
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Peterson approves County 25 project

By Kirsten Zoellner

Mon, Oct 27th, 2014
Posted in Rushford Village Commentary

Peterson saw standing room only at the Wednesday, October 22 council meeting, a portion of which was dedicated to a second public hearing on the County 25 project planned for 2015. The state aid highway is scheduled to have a complete reconstruction and the city is seizing the opportunity to upgrade infrastructure, including water mains and some electrical.

More than 20 concerned citizens packed into city hall and as a panel of experts went over proposed details of the work. Panelists included Fillmore County engineer Ron Gregg, SEH project engineer David Strauss, David Drown Associates finance advisor Mike Bubany, city attorney Richard Nethercut, and Fillmore County Public Health educator Brenda Pohlman.

Summary presentation by Strauss covered current plans to date and was noted as proposed, rather than final design, including all possible scopes of work. State statutes require public hearing prior to adoption of a resolution ordering a project which will be bonded for and while the scope of the project may be reduced following the hearing, it cannot be increased.

Bubany gave an overview of proposed revenue streams including tax increase, assessments, and water enterprise funds. One possible scenario presented noted as much as 32 percent of project funding coming from water enterprise funds with 51 percent coming from tax increase. Final determination of funding will made following final design.

Pohlman is currently completing a comprehensive survey of the city’s walkways through grant funding. She noted the state of disrepair of sidewalks, limited accessibility, and an eye towards future city planning.

Citizens spoke out largely in favor of the water main work, which includes complete replacement of water mains on the Mill Street and south Church Street sections of County 25. However, they also highlighted ongoing concern over the cost, scope of electrical work, maintenance of improved and widened sidewalks along the Mill Street, unearthed and replaced sidewalks along the south Church Street, and watershed from the roadway. “If the road is already torn up, let’s just do it,” stated resident Chris Brennan. “Let’s do it and make sure the project is complete.”

City clerk Megan Grebe stated the city included all possible electrical work into the estimated cost to meet statutes on public hearing. The city is intending to include only replacement of conduit and w .....
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Homeowners see reduction in school taxes

Fri, May 2nd, 2014
Posted in Rushford Village Commentary

Homeowners of the Rushford-Peterson School District should find a pleasant surprise when they open their 2014 Property Tax Statements. They will see a reduction in school taxes due to equalization enacted by the legislature last year. A homeowner wit ..... 
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