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Saturday, April 19th, 2014
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Letter about frac study group

Fri, Sep 7th, 2012
Posted in Rushford Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I wish to make a correction in your coverage of the frac sand study group. When I spoke about the positive economic impacts of scenic highway designation I was not talking about our Scenic Highway #16. I was referring to a study by the University of Minnesota on the Detroit Lakes Area scenic highway. The beauty of the Lake District brings in $38 million annually, including 635 jobs and $12.6 million in labor income.

Our scenic treasure in Southeast Minnesota is even more spectacular than the Lake District. I suspect, therefore, that the revenues and jobs generated by scenic highway #16 would be much greater. And these revenues and jobs are sustainable, but only as long as our Bluff Country stays beautiful.

Donna Buckbee

Rushford MN

Letter about City of Rushford

Tue, Aug 14th, 2012
Posted in Rushford Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, Open Letter to Rushford from City of Rushford Councilperson Vern Bunke: Because of work related travel, I missed the May 29th Council meeting and will also miss the June 11th meeting. I hate not attending because important decision ..... 
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