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Friday, May 27th, 2016
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Journal Writing Project: Finding you

Mon, May 23rd, 2016
Posted in Preston Journal Student Writing Project

By Blake Bigalk

With my senior year coming to an end, and graduation within reach, this is my last article

that I will be writing for the Fillmore County Journal. With that in mind, I really wanted to write about something that meant a lot to me and what I’m all about. Not that all my other articles haven’t been meaningful to me, because they really have been. But I just wanted to sign off by writing something that not only means a lot to myself, but something that I think a lot of other

people should hear about, as well.

Taking that into consideration, I want to explain how to find your life purpose. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “That’s a pretty deep topic to just casually talk about, and what does some 18-year old-kid from high school know about finding a life purpose so young, when some people have been trying to find their’s up until the day they die?” Well, to be honest, I’m not an expert on it and I haven’t really found mine yet, but I do think I am able to really help you get some insight on how to find your’s and get you on the right path to fulfilling your purpose.

I first started digging into this topic just this year. I was in composition class and had the assignment to write an expository essay on any topic I wanted. Through this essay, I was supposed to investigate an idea, or theory, and explain a little bit about the topic and bring light to others on it. So, through being a senior this year, and with many students not knowing what the future holds for them or not knowing what career path to take, I decided to go through a few tips that could help them find their career path or purpose in life, to hopefully ensure that they fulfill their lives to the best of their abilities. In my essay, I based most of my advice on a column written by Mark Manson on his personal life development website. From his blog, I picked out three key questions that you should ask yourself to really help you find your purpose in life.

The first question being, “What is true about myself today that would make my 8-year-old self cry?” The point behind this question is to realize that many of us quit doing what we used to love as a child, just to fit in with the crowd. Many of us too often get sucked in to what society wants us to do and think, just because we want to be “cool”, and be like everyone else. That is really a bunch of garbage though, .....
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Who’s better: Duke, Duke or Duke?

By Mike Walsh

Fri, Oct 19th, 2012
Posted in Preston Journal Student Writing Project

Before I write for everyone here in the Journal I should probably tell everyone a little about myself. My name is Mike Walsh, the son of Andy and Maggie Walsh. I currently am a senior at Fillmore Central. I have one sister, Caitlyn, who is in ninth ..... 
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