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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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A bad deal

Mon, Oct 20th, 2014
Posted in Peterson Commentary

By Jon Peterson

of Peterson, Minn.

A few final thoughts before the November 4th R-P school district vote:

Administrators and certain organized groups of the R-P school district have WANTED a new school for 15 years; twice buying land without being authorized by district voters to do so. I would like to share some misconceptions or untruths that the administration and the “Vote Yes” group are sharing with the community.

1. They say the current building is in a flood plain when it is not--it is protected by an Army Corps of Engineers approved dike system.

2. They say we need more room while enrollment projections show a steady decrease for the next 10 years.

3. They also say there are security problems when the administration allows keys to be circulated all over the community and doors propped open so anyone can enter at any time.

4. They say a new building would make the district sustainable--which is true if you like the status quo of deferring maintenance, excess administration and hiring.

5. They say there was structural damage to the Rushford building caused by flooding. However, a structural condition survey submitted July 18, 2011, makes no mention of any flood damage. The reality is there was very little damage to the school. Yes, there was some water in the basement which required clean-up and replacement of interior finishes. In an e-mail to Mr. Ehler dated 10/13/14, two very simple questions were asked of him. The first being, did the school receive money from FEMA after the flood? The second question being, if so, how much money did the school receive? Mr. Ehler’s response on 10/14/14 stated “yes the school did receive FEMA funds.” According to his e-mail, the school received a total of $566,601.98 from FEMA and $179,354.61 from the state for a grand total of $745,856.59.

Also, according to the House Fiscal Analysis 2007, the school received $250,000 for unfunded capital costs. However, the Vote Yes webpage shows the 2007-2011 building and flooring repairs of $86,782.08. Something doesn’t add up. In a June 26, 2014, conversation with Board Chair, John Linder, he stated “I know the school didn’t flood but the community did.” To put this unneeded, overpriced and non-sustainable burden on homeowners, business owners and farmers who are still recovering from the flood is a BAD DEAL.

6. The big .....
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Guest Commentary: Rushford-Peterson School referendum

Mon, Oct 13th, 2014
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Homeowners see reduction in school taxes

Fri, May 2nd, 2014
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Homeowners of the Rushford-Peterson School District should find a pleasant surprise when they open their 2014 Property Tax Statements. They will see a reduction in school taxes due to equalization enacted by the legislature last year. A homeowner wit ..... 
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Guest commentary: To the residents of the R-P School District

Fri, Mar 29th, 2013
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By Tayor Peterson, School Board Director, Peterson, MN As a school board member, elected by you and to serve you, I feel it is my job to keep you up to date on what has gone on the past few months and what will be going on in the future relating to ..... 
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