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Friday, March 27th, 2015
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Letter about Aaron Swartzentruber’s Letter to the Editor...

Mon, Mar 9th, 2015
Posted in Ostrander Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Aaron Swartzentruber’s recent letter gives us insight into the mind of the fundamentalist, whether Christian or Muslim. These people pick and choose “God’s Word” to fit their agenda. For instance, does the average fundamentalist Christian follow “God’s Word” and never eat pig meat or shellfish? Does it trouble the fundamentalist that God time and again ordered thousands of murders and rapes in the Old Testament? And what of the story of the Great Flood? God is said to have drowned nearly all humanity and animals in a fit of rage. Who here is more consumed by evil, God or Satan? Who in their right mind would worship such a God?

Luckily, as Christians, we do have someone to believe in: Christ.

It is long past time to realize that the Bible was written by men and is the Word of Man, and the often crazed and sadistic God of the Old Testament is certainly not a creature to worship.Of course we should feel sorry for these fundamentalists who push their hatred upon others, but it’s not an easy task. Hatred is a disease that is easily spread. I felt hatred coursing through my veins by merely reading Mr. Swartzentruber’s vile letter.

Greg Rendahl

Ostrander, Minn.
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Ostrander city council discuss funding for LeRoy-Ostrander school pool

Mon, Dec 8th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Features

The Ostrander city council met on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 for their regular meeting. Visitors included Mike Souhrada of LeRoy to discuss funding of the pool located within the LeRoy-Ostrander school. Souhrada explained a non-profit group raise ..... 
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Ostrander city council considers well repairs

Mon, Nov 24th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Government

A regular meeting of the Ostrander city council was held on November 18 at the Community Center. All council members were in attendance. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the council approved the consent agenda, including agenda, prior minutes, ..... 
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Wauneta Back

Mon, Nov 10th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Obituaries

Wauneta Back Funeral services for Wauneta Back were held 11 a.m. Monday, November 3, 2014 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ostrander, Minn. with Pastor Herman Bakker officiating. Burial took place in Bloomfield Cemetery. Visitation was held 3 p.m. - 6 ..... 
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Liquor license ordinance to change in Ostrander

Mon, Sep 8th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander All

Todd Kruegel, of Kruegel’s Gas Service in Spring Valley, visited the Ostrander Council at their September meeting to discuss contracted gas prices. The city had ‘ran out’ of propane fuel in March of this year and had to purchase another 1,000 ..... 
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Ostrander welcomes county commissioner candidate

Fri, Aug 8th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Government

Harry Root, an upcoming candidate for Fillmore County Commissioner, was the only visitor at the Ostrander City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 5. Root introduced himself to the council and explained what he felt his role as Commissioner would be ..... 
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Arlynn Blaine Bestor

Tue, Jul 29th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Obituaries

Arlynn Blaine Bestor, age 88, of Ostrander, Minn., died Saturday, July 26, 2014, at his home. Arlynn was born July 12, 1926, in Greenleafton, Minn., the son of Ernest and Pearl (Dornink) Bestor. He served with the US Navy during WWII in both the ..... 
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Springer & Gumbel P.A. hired on as City of Ostrander’s attorneys

Fri, Jun 6th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Government

Scott Springer, of Springer & Gumbel P.A., addressed the Ostrander City Council at the June meeting and explained the services and experience offered by his law firm. Springer & Gumbel have offices in Preston, Spring Valley and Chatfield. The fir ..... 
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In response to Greg Davids’ commentary ...

Fri, May 30th, 2014
Posted in Ostrander Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, I believe Greg Davids’ recent commentary needs clarification and context. The Affordable Care Act means that 12 million more non-elderly people will have health insurance in 2014 than if the ACA had not been enacted according to t ..... 
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