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Saturday, October 25th, 2014
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Lanesboro Day Spa has new massage therapist

Fri, Jun 29th, 2012
Posted in Lanesboro Features

Crystal Narvesen runs Serenity Massage as part of the Lanesboro Day Spa. Photo by Jade Sexton

Stone Mill Hotel and Suites in Lanesboro is not only a place where people can spend the night when they visit the area, but a place where they can be pampered as well. Package deals are available with rooms that include a visit to the Lanesboro Day Spa. Recently, the spa acquired a new massage therapist to help make your visit relaxing and therapeutic.

Crystal Narveson lives in Chatfield with her daughter Kyra. She came to Lanesboro to work in March, and now runs Serenity Massage by Crystal. She received her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy from the Minnesota School of Business, and she enjoyed her education.

“I originally went for medical transcription, but I realized I really enjoyed contact with people,” shared Narveson.

At school, Narveson learned a lot about anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and pathology of diseases. She especially enjoyed the technique classes.

“It was very fun,” she said. “It didn’t feel like school at all.”

Narveson added that it doesn’t feel like she is working at her job, either. “That’s when you know you’re in the right place!”

Serenity Massage joins Prana Healing Massage Center, which is run by Sue Betts, and is also a part of the Lanesboro Day Spa. According to Narveson, Prana Healing Massage Center uses more traditional eastern medicine techniques, where Narveson uses more western techniques, although they do share some services.

Narveson does several different types of massages for people, including hot stone massage, in which hot stones are placed on different parts of the body to relax the muscles. She also does deep tissue, circulatory, and Thai massage, which involves a lot of stretching.

There are many reasons people see Narveson for a massage, and it’s not just for fun. “People come to relax,” she said. “But we see a lot of sore muscles, back pain, and physical therapy follow up.”

Narveson mixes and matches the different massage techniques to fit the person’s needs. She has lotions, gels, and essential oils that she likes to use. There is also body polishing that is available, in which Narveson uses a salt or sugar body scrub to exfoliate and refresh the skin.

Narveson not only helps visitors to Lanesboro enjoy their stay, she has 25-30 regular local clients as well. She also works out of an office at Elder Chirop .....
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Intermission: the new place to be in Lanesboro

Mon, Jun 11th, 2012
Posted in Lanesboro Features

Dave Harrison of Preston has had a passion for cooking for many years. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1994, and has been working with food ever since. When he first graduated, he came to Lanesboro as the opening chef at the O ..... 
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Lanesboro City Council hears report from library

Mon, Feb 13th, 2012
Posted in Lanesboro Features

President of the Library Board, Dave Hennessey and Library Director, Tara Johnson spoke to the Lanesboro City Council on February 6. They updated the council on the library remodeling and discussed the use of the library in 2011. The library was ..... 
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