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Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
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Glenn Hisey retires - bowhunting’s legacy continues in museum

Mon, Aug 29th, 2016
Posted in Chatfield The Great Outdoors

In 1985, Glenn Hisey started the Pope & Young Club Measurer Training Seminars and over the last 31 years, has trained over 700 of the Club’s 800 official measurers throughout North America. Photo submitted

A person never retires from the activities which are a part of his life. Yet after thirty-five years of leadership roles within the Pope and Young Club, Glenn Hisey has changed the direction of his involvement with the museum he was instrumental in bringing to Chatfield in 2004. It is impossible in writing about Hisey’s retirement to separate him from the Pope and Young Club, which began in 1961.

“Bowhunting involves so much more than most people imagine. The Club really began when Fred Bear acquired and donated an Art Young bow, ‘old

grizzly’. That bow, along with several items belonging to Saxton Pope, Art Young, and other Pioneer Bowhunters, were placed in a 20 x 12 foot museum in the business of Glenn St. Charles,” states Hisey.

Founder and first Pope and Young president, Glenn St. Charles and his son, Joe, put together a private collection of bowhunting memorabilia. “In 1997, the Pope and Young Club purchased half of the collection and the St. Charles Family donated the other half to the Club. The collection continued to grow and be housed in Seattle, Wash., until 2003, when the collection needed to be moved someplace,” says Hisey. “Coincidentally, a building in Chatfield, Minn., became available around that time. We brought in our board of directors and had a meeting with the Chatfield City Council. Through the efforts of then Mayor Greg Forbes, Joel Young, and Pete Petersen, a favorable impression of Chatfield was given. Next, the board met with the Root River State Bank’s Charles and Chuck Johnson. An offer was made and accepted contingent on approval of the Club’s membership. The members overwhelmingly approved the purchase of the property, and the planning began.”

Hearing of his enthusiasm for the Museum, it is important to understand that Hisey’s dedication to the sport of bowhunting began many years before, with his first position as an official measurer in 1981. Official measurers are the representatives of the Pope and Young Club who are out in the field, coming in contact with bowhunters, and measuring their animals for possible entry into the Pope and Young Club records program. These skilled volunteers are trained to measure all 29 big game species of North America.

In 1985, the Pope & Young Club began measurer training seminars to educate potential new measurers, focusing on accuracy and integrity in measuring, which is vital to truly be able to .....
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Magnum Sports offers archery for all

By Morgan McManimon-Myers

Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015
Posted in Chatfield The Great Outdoors

When MSX NexGen corporation began, it was simply a business started in a garage. Since that point, it has expanded greatly to include equipment, ranges, and lessons for all hunting and fishing sports needs. Regarding their selection of hunting a ..... 
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Forestry Field Day July 23 near Chatfield

Fri, Jul 11th, 2014
Posted in Chatfield The Great Outdoors

On July 30, 2014 the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District will be hosting a field day to explore past, present, and future restoration practices taking place at the Isinours Forestry Unit just outside of Preston, Minn. The tours will begin ..... 
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