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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
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Magnum Sports offers archery for all

By Morgan McManimon-Myers

Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015
Posted in Chatfield The Great Outdoors

Marvin and Hunter (Hercules) Hobbs working at Magnum Sports. Photo by Morgan McManimon-Myers

When MSX NexGen corporation began, it was simply a business started in a garage. Since that point, it has expanded greatly to include equipment, ranges, and lessons for all hunting and fishing sports needs. Regarding their selection of hunting and fishing goods, the manager of Chatfield’s Magnum Sports location Jason Voletz states, “If we don’t have it or can’t get it for you, you probably don’t need it.” He speaks with confidence of the excellent service Magnum Sports has to offer, saying, “the service is great – it’s not a big box store, so we can actually take time with customers and get them what they need.”

One area in which Voletz has witnessed a growing interest is archery. He reports there have been more people – kids, adults, and seniors – coming in for archery equipment and range shooting than he has ever noted in the past. This may in part be due to the fact that the 60 and above age group can now legally hunt with crossbows without a special permit. Voletz attributes the growing popularity of the sport to low ammunition prices, the appeal to every age group, and something the whole family can do together. Voletz says that often the parents who bring their kids in to learn and practice take up archery themselves. In addition, he reports it is “pretty economical once you’ve invested in equipment.”

A huge focus for Magnum Sports is on youth involvement. This is evidenced by the well-attended youth league, which meets every other Saturday for ten weeks, and welcomes ages up to 13 years. Turnout has been good this year, with seventeen participants, and the cost is $25 a person. There is a teen league that meets every Sunday for 10 weeks, at $50 per person. Monday through Thursday sees the adult paper league (which shoots at paper targets) going for $80 for 10 weeks, as well as an adult dart league in which participants shoot in live animal simulation scenes, which costs $100 for 10 weeks. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment, but if one doesn’t have it, Magnum provides bows participants can use. For youth and adults interested in getting competitive, Magnum Sports also has a 3-D shooting team that participates in tri-state tournaments.

Voletz is supportive of youth getting involved in archery, since it is a great way to get active and away from the screens that are so often a part of recreation time. He expresses how fun it is to see the l .....
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Forestry Field Day July 23 near Chatfield

Fri, Jul 11th, 2014
Posted in Chatfield The Great Outdoors

On July 30, 2014 the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District will be hosting a field day to explore past, present, and future restoration practices taking place at the Isinours Forestry Unit just outside of Preston, Minn. The tours will begin ..... 
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