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Thursday, January 29th, 2015
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Chatfield couple brings home back to life

Fri, Apr 18th, 2014
Posted in Chatfield Home & Garden

Photo by Barb Jeffers

Every day Melissa Wood drove by the house at 25 Fillmore Street in Chatfield, Minn. She fell in love with the large home on a corner lot and saw its potential. The majority of the population would most likely have looked at the home that was for sale and saw a house built in 1870 in need of such repair that it would have been torn down. But not Melissa Wood. Melissa saw what the home had been and could be again. In her vision she saw a beautiful Victorian home in its glory days.

After talking with her husband Tony the couple decided to purchase the home and begin a monumental restoration project. Melissa states that she “just loves old things” and has always wanted to restore a house. She also owns Adourn in Chatfield which is a shop featuring re-furbished vintage and antique furniture and accessories as well as handmade and vintage items, jewelry, and gifts. Tony, an electrician, favors the new aspect of the restoration project. So the couple with two different tastes will blend the new with the old in their home.

After purchasing the home in October of 2013 Melissa and Tony began the project immediately by replacing the roof as the existing roof was over 85 years old and was leaking. Then began demolition inside, which included gutting the house. Tony stated that the home still had the old knob wiring and cast iron plumbing so that was all replaced. Floors and ceilings needed to be straightened as they were sagging and walls needed to be furred out in order to make them straight. Tony also made sure the walls were well insulated for energy efficiency.

The couple began with the upstairs and kitchen so they will have living space while completing the restoration on the remaining parts of the home. Luckily the house has two staircases so the unfinished part of the house can be sealed off while work continues.

Melissa and Tony do not want to remodel the house per say; they look to restore the home to its original condition as much as possible. All of the original woodwork and trim was still in the home so that has been carefully removed and labeled. Melissa will spend the hours to sand and repaint the woodwork so it can be re-installed.

All of the original radiators in the home still work which will adds to the home’s charm. A new boiler was installed which is very high in efficiency leaving the two chimneys in the house obsolete. One has been torn down with a second to be removed .....
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