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Saturday, July 30th, 2016
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Chatfield youth eyes future in dairy goat industry

By Kirsten Zoellner

Mon, Mar 21st, 2016
Posted in Chatfield Agriculture

For 17-year-old Alex Coe, of Chatfield, a little challenge is fun, but big ambitions are great. The Chatfield High School junior excels in both the regional and state dairy goat world and he hopes to go farther.

Alex started in the industry like many before him. His father, Rodney, had grown up with goats and sheep. When Alex was six, Rodney got him started with a small herd of ten Pygmy goats, a miniature breed. It wasn’t long until Alex was asking for more and he eventually talked his dad into getting some standard-sized Lamancha goats, a breed known for its dairy production and high adaptability. They’re likely though known for the appearance of a lack of ears in a world with goats of distinctive ears, like the long-eared Nubians. “Once you get past the ear, there’s a whole wild of personality to them,” exudes Alex.

A few Christmases later, when Alex wanted to try his hand at raising Nigerian Dwarf breed, his dad generously answered with a certificate for a doe, doe kid, and buck during the following spring kidding season. The family also welcomed in Nubians and a few Alpine crosses, eventually bringing the herd to the 65 head of dairy goats they have today.

Growing up in the industry, Alex increased his participation in caprine know-how, through Root River Rabbits 4-H, Chatfield FFA, and both the Minnesota and American Dairy Goat Association, raising and showing a variety of goats. “I love raising them. I like to see a new life come in and watching where they go in the industry,” he says. Showing the goats in a variety of venues, Alex quickly excelled at all aspects required, from choosing the right animal and prepping and fitting (trimming) them for shows to the long-range vision of selective breeding and passing the skills he’d learned on to the next group of eager young kids behind him. “Showing is something I enjoy doing. I don’t like standing in the ring for two and a half hours for showmanship, but I like showing at state fair. You see a good representation of goats from all over the state, getting to compete against kids from all over.”

Trophies and ribbons are nice, but what Alex really thrives on is helping teach others about the industry and helping other kids learn about showing. He’s mentored several youngsters already and is mentoring some more in his 4-H club this year. “I like challenge, to be able to see myself and others succeed. I like to go beyond what .....
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Forestry Field Day July 23 Near Chatfield

Fri, Jul 5th, 2013
Posted in Chatfield Agriculture

On July 23r, 2013 the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District, in cooperation with the Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, will be hosting a field day to explore natural features and forestry practices along the Lost Creek Hiking Trail. The field d ..... 
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