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“Don’t be short-sighted”

Mon, Sep 16th, 2002
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Quote of the week: "It doesn’t make sense to build a five-year-into-the-future project and pay for it for 20 years!" Commissioner Harry Root
The county commissioners wrangled with the courthouse project again last week, and while the architect announced that he was at the end of the schematic design phase of his work, the commissioners still could not reach a decision on the scope of the project.
With the final schematic drawings before them, including the most detailed cost estimates to date, with separate add-on components priced in detail and a tentative schedule in hand, the commissioners chose to postpone a decision for at least two more weeks, at which time they will meet with a bonding company.
The complete project, as presented by the architect, David Kane and the construction manager, Dean Sand, would cost about $4.1 million and, according to the designers, meet the county’s needs for at least the next 20 to 30 years.
When the final schematic drawings were presented, several of the commissioners began to pick apart locations of specific offices shown on the drawings, and seemed to focus their attention on micro details such as in which room a computer might be placed within the Information Technology department.
While those details seemed to be necessary to enhance discussions on the efficient use of existing storage space, clearly the issue which both the construction design team and the staff waited for resolution was whether the board would proceed with the complete project as defined in the schematic drawings.
When Chairman Bakke began to ask if the mechanical equipment room could be moved to accommodate the county attorney’s office in the basement of the proposed new wing, Mr. Kane reminded the commissioners of the process that had brought them to this point.
"I remind you that this was carefully designed with staff and the courts input…pull out a piece and efficiency falls," stated Mr. Kane.
Commissioner Root, with the same confidence he displayed 16 months ago when he made the motion to have the county remodel the courthouse, strongly argued that it is important to build for the future.
"Don’t be short-sighted," Mr. Root told his fellow commissioners. "What is the loan rate, three percent?" the commissioner asked as he argued that it didn’t make sense to finance a project for 20 .....
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Harmony City Council Report “Line Dancing” in Harmony

Mon, Sep 16th, 2002
Posted in Features

Property lines, sewer lines and the budget’s bottom line were the focus of the Harmony City Council meeting on Tuesday night.
With more than a dozen citizens in attendance, the council began the meeting with a public hearing for G ..... 
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Still no consensus on courthouse project Board will discuss again this week

Mon, Sep 9th, 2002
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The Fillmore County Commissioners spent another hour at last week’s board meeting discussing the scope of the courthouse remodeling and addition without reaching a consensus.
Chairman Duane Bakke put the discussion on the agenda s ..... 
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A 7,000 mile friendship: Spring Valley women share life’s experiences one step at a time

Thu, Aug 22nd, 2002
Posted in Features

Look up dedication in the dictionary. You won't find the names of Sue Kolling or Kathy Beevers listed, but you should. Through pouring rain, summer's sweltering humidity and Minnesota's sub-zero winter temperatures, the two have committed themselves ..... 
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Congressional Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing in Preston

Posted in Preston Features

Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ), chairman of the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs and Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN), a member of the subcommittee, conducted a hearing on May 14 in the Fillmore County Board room. T ..... 
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