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Friday, August 1st, 2014
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We're all mad here

Fri, Jun 22nd, 2007
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Alice: But, I don't want to go among mad people.

Cheshire Cat: Oh, you can't help that. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.

Alice: How do you know I am mad?

Cheshire Cat: You must be. Or you wouldn't have come here.

Alice in Wonderland

The divine madness of Iraq is that reality is always moving further and further away. A bit like Alice chasing the white rabbit, down one hole and up another.

Harry Reid caught hell a few months ago for saying we weren't winning in Iraq.

But we all know that winning in Iraq means not losing, as amorphous as that sounds.

Consequently, in a psychotic kind of way, success is defined as not failing, and this has become the administration's unofficial line on Iraq.

So, are we winning in Iraq?

Well, we are not losing.

How long will it take us not to lose?

Long enough to enable the Iraqi people to succeed.

Oh, but, how long is long enough?

As long as it takes us not to fail, of course.

I suppose that's why Congress wanted to impose benchmarks for progress from the Iraqi government before committing more troops and dollars to Iraq. They too wanted to know how long we would be there after nearly 3,500 U.S. soldiers have been killed, 25,000 wounded and $350 billion spent.

During the Vietnam War, we chased Defense Secretary Robert McNamara's numbers of enemy KIA in an illusional war of attrition. In Iraq, there is the perception that a surge in troops will keep the country from imploding on itself.

But as Colin Powell said a few weeks ago on Meet the Press, a surge only allows us to keep a "heavier lid on this boiling pot of civil war stew."

Powell, like others, suggests that a military solution in Iraq won't work unless there is political solution as well, one that includes reconciliation between Sunis, Shiites and Kurds, and a plan to serve all of the Iraqi people. And then there is the long-term goal of training the Iraqi Army to provide its own security.

So the fundamental question is: How long can the U.S. sustain not losing?

Our government is building a $600 million embassy in Iraq, so it seems that we are putting down some pretty deep roots. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Embassy in Saigon had the largest number of consular staff than any other American embassy in the world at the time.

Our non-military presence in Iraq continues to grow. Coveri .....
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Truth, consequences, and responsibility

Fri, Jun 15th, 2007
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So, Paris Hilton doesn't like being in jail. Who would? She obviously broke the law and was incarcerated. Then, by some strange means she is released. Then, due to a public outcry of preferential treatment, she is sent back to the slammer, s ..... 
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It's not and never will be free

Fri, Jun 1st, 2007
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There are in excess of 47 million uninsured and 12 million under-insured under age 65 in the U. S. One in three non-elderly will go without insurance in the next two years. Half of all bankruptcy is due to medical bills. Most people in bankruptcy ha ..... 
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This was one field trip well worth attending

Fri, May 25th, 2007
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On Tuesday, May 22, 270 fourth graders from seven schools in Houston and Fillmore counties converged on the Mabel Steam Engine Grounds in Mabel for a Farm Safety Day Camp. The seven schools participating in the event included Caledonia, Chatfield, H ..... 
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The class of 1968

Fri, May 25th, 2007
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When I graduated from high school in early June 1968, Lyndon Baines Johnson was president. The awkward Texan had completed John F. Kennedy's unfinished term and was elected president over Barry Goldwater in 1964, with the highest margin of victory i ..... 
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Finally, someone is in charge of the Iraq War

Fri, May 18th, 2007
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Czar or Tsar - an Emperor or in more modern usage a Monarch or King. The word originates from the deified Roman dictator Caesar and came to represent the Roman Emperor. (Wikipedia)

We have been waging the Iraq War or Debacle for over 4 years ..... 
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Springtime renewal

Fri, May 11th, 2007
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Spring is a time when we throw open the windows, clean out the closets, and get our hands back into yard work. It's all about taking advantage of fresh air, reevaluating your needs, and nurturing the green space in your life. Most people look forwar ..... 
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Buying the War

Fri, May 4th, 2007
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Bill Moyers calls himself a "citizen journalist."

He is also an ordained Baptist minister, one-time aid to President Lyndon Johnson and, of course, a journalist with PBS.

Moyers is first and foremost a seeker of truth. That he work ..... 
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The power of words

Fri, Apr 27th, 2007
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Could there be some good to come from the Don Imus foot-in-the-mouth scandal?

In the aftermath of Mr. Imus's unfortunate utterances some are now questioning the public use of terms most would find offensive. These offensive words and phrases ..... 
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