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Sunday, April 20th, 2014
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Real Bites of A & W Drive-in Restaurant

Sun, Jan 22nd, 2012
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A savory BBQ Bacon Crunch Combo (single) accompanied by the world famous A & W Root Beer and a side of delicious fries. Photo by Jason Sethre

On a recent Monday evening, my wife and I decided to take our children out for dinner to the Simpson's A & W Drive-in Restaurant. I have been a lifelong A & W Root Beer fan, remembering my younger years when my parents would buy rootbeer at the A & W Drive-in by the liter. I can't quite put my finger on it, but root beer has never tasted better than at the nationally franchised A & W Drive-in Restaurant in a frosty cold mug.

On this particular evening, I ordered the new BBQ Bacon Crunch Combo (single). Absolutely delicious!

And, I do remember our children ordering chicken tenders and fries, because I usually end up making a clean sweep to scavenge for any excess food that may be tossed in the garbage. You might say I am always thinking about those children starving in other countries -- ingrained in my brain during my early childhood.

Beyond the great food accessible year-round at the good old fashioned drive-in where you can order and eat in your vehicle, or dine in the sit-down restaurant area with a jukebox and large flat screen TV, there's one unassuming and intangible thing about this restaurant owned by Mark and Kathy Simpson.

As with most locally owned restaurants, the owners truly care about the people in their community.

When Kathy Simpson heard about one of our employees, Sheena Suckow, battling cancer, she immediately asked what she could do to help. Within a week, she showed up at the Journal with a number of items to offer for the auction at Sheena's benefit held just a few weeks ago.

Folks, we are fortunate to have locally owned restaurants for many reasons. And, this is one of them. They step up to the plate and offer support whenever possible. Thank you, Mark and Kathy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Simpson's A & W Drive-in Restaurant, visit www.AWesomeAWdrivein.com.

Look for this feature every week in the Fillmore County Journal, along with online under the Real Bites section.

Real Bites of the Rubaiyat

Fri, Jan 20th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Movies often portray really romantic dinners as perfection. Not too crowded, a soft whispered hush coming from the scattered patrons of the establishment as they converse to one another, soft mood lighting giving just the right impression.

W ..... 
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Real Bites of Norsland Lefse

Tue, Jan 17th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Please raise your hand if you could eat breakfast any time of the day or night!

While I do enjoy an average of nine meals per day -- oh, the gluttony -- breakfast has to be my favorite.

The other day, I had the good fortune of visit ..... 
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Real Bites of JW's Silver Grille

Wed, Jan 11th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

With our office located Preston, Minn., I feel like we're centrally located for good food in any direction.

Last Thursday, I was hungry from a soup and sandwich, and I immediately thought of a quick trip to Chatfield for some good ea ..... 
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Real Bites at Fillmore Central Elementary School

Wed, Jan 11th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

This week's Real Bites segment takes me back in time about 30 years.

On this trip down "memory lane" I decided to bring my wife along for the ride -- a fine dining experience at the Fillmore Central Elementary School cafeteria.

With ..... 
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Real Bites of Cafe Magpie

Sat, Jan 7th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

For those of you who live in Harmony, Mabel and Canton, a trip to Decorah probably a pretty common thing.

With me living up in Fountain, the big city I will typically run to for things you can't find in Fillmore County is usually Rochester.< ..... 
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Real Bites on Pedal Pushers Cafe

Fri, Jan 6th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

No, I didn't miss a meal last week. For those of you who missed my Real Bites commentary, I'm back with a full belly.

In between meetings on a busy Tuesday, my wife and I scheduled to have a family sit-down dinner with Olivia and Landon at P ..... 
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Real Bites of On The Crunchy Side

Thu, Jan 5th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Last Thursday, after a long and busy day at the office, I contemplated getting a quick bite to eat along with co-worker Tyler Grundman, a lead developer with SMG Web Design. We both happened to be working late and apparently hungry.

So, with ..... 
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Real Bites of the Old Barn Resort

Tue, Jan 3rd, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

During the summer of 2009, my wife and I decided to make our way down the Root River Trail on our bicycles hauling our two children in one of those two-seater bike trailers. We set our sights on cycling to Pedal Pushers for lunch, trekking 11.2 mile ..... 
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