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Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
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An apple a day will make you ‘turnover’

Mon, May 14th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Preston Apple & Berry Farm serves up apple delights in every shape and form imaginable, including this turnover. Photo by Jason Sethre

I’ll never forget when I first walked into Preston Apple & Berry Farm and first met Joe Gosi -- the world famous “Pie Man.”

I heard his accent and asked him where he was originally from. He said, “I am authentic Norwegian. That’s what I tell everybody.” I replied, “Oh, I was thinking Texas.” He may not remember that, but I do.

And, then he told me the truth. He is from Hungary.

Even though he hasn’t lived in Hungary for many decades, his accent is still prevalent.

Joe, along with his wife Carole, are business partners and life partners. Back in 2010, Joe celebrated his 75th birthday (he has another one coming up in June), the happy couple celebrated 45 years of marriage and the 25th anniversary of owning and operating the Preston Apple & Berry Farm.

I remember when I mentioned to Joe one day that I was thinking about experiementing with an all apple diet for an entire week.

He told me that in his younger years he ate apples all the time. As he worked throughout the day, he’d eat dozens and dozens.

Well, apparently, apples are just like anything else. The doctor tells us to eat an apple a day for a reason -- only one! Joe said he started getting ulcers from eating too many apples all the time.

Moderation is key, even with apples. So, I took Joe’s advice and put that apple diet on my bookshelf of vicarious experiences.

Every town has a local watering hole, a place where people come and hang out to chat about the happenings of the community.

The Preston Apple & Berry Farm is one of those places. Every time I stop by, I find a crowd sipping on coffee and talking about the weather.

And, at the same time Joe and Carole are hosting local folks, they also draw a huge tourism crowd from all over the tri-state area. I don’t know how many times I have seen out-of-state plates in the parking lot.

In essence, Preston Apple & Berry Farm is an outstanding form of agri-tourism for the city of Preston. Yes, this apple farm is a tourist attraction.

Most locals may not think of that way, because they just enjoy visiting with Joe, Carole and their friendly staff.

As you are planning your weekday or weekend, I would suggest stopping by for a breakfast treat.

I probably consume about five to 10 turnovers from Preston Apple & Berry Farm per month.< .....
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Real Bites-Water St. Cafe

By Sheena Tollefson

Sun, Apr 22nd, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

After my recent battle with cancer, I took a new and improved interest in eating healthy and treating my body right. I've joined a yoga class, started going to the gym more and have been trying to sneak more of those fruits and veggies into ..... 
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I’m back, and I’m hungry

Mon, Apr 16th, 2012
Posted in Rushford Real Bites

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new restaurant in Rushford named Lynndyn Bridge. After we ran an article on our March 16, 2012, front page about this fine new restaurant, I had to make it a priority to make this my first Real Bites stop of 2 ..... 
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Real Bites-Village Square of Harmony

Fri, Apr 6th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

A couple of weekends ago, I and my family made another trip to Harmony for a fantastic lunch. The nice thing about Harmony is that there are so many great options.

In my last review, I touched on the heavenly 'real bites' of the wor ..... 
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Almost like another place of worship

Sun, Mar 18th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

This past Sunday, my wife and I, along with our two children, made plans for lunch at the Harmony House Restaurant in Harmony right after Sunday School at Christ Lutheran Church of Preston.

I've been to the Harmony House Restaurant many time ..... 
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Real Bites-The Creamery

Sat, Feb 25th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

This past Wednesday, I visited with a great friend and co-worker, Peggi Redalen of Rushford, at one of my favorite places in that direction -- The Creamery.

I'll never forget the first time I ate at The Creamery in Rushford. Former J ..... 
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Good Times means Great Times

Sat, Feb 18th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

My wife and I recently traveled to Caledonia for dinner at a place that, by name, makes me think of the fictional character J.J., from the 1970s sitcom Good Times, who would most likely say this place was "Dyno-MITE!"

I'm not sure if Mr. Jam ..... 
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Dinner and a movie

Sun, Feb 12th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

Living in Fountain and working in Preston, populations of 343 and 1,426, respectively, it's really amazing at how many dining options are within a stone's throw away.

We have easily have eight restaurants that most people could name off the ..... 
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Real Bites-The Branding Iron

Sat, Feb 4th, 2012
Posted in All Real Bites

A family favorite in our household is definitely the Branding Iron in Preston. I would say there are a handful of restaurants that have a following like the Branding Iron Supper Club.

As a matter of fact, every time I get the opportu ..... 
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